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16 Times Whole Foods Offended Society In 2018

PSA: All water is gluten-free.

Whole Foods is, for the most part, a delicious wonderland. But every so often, they go a bit too far. Here are some of the most ridiculous things you might find on the shelves while roaming the aisles of your local Whole Foods. And here's to hoping they disappear in 2019.

1. This organic water.

@WholeFoods Please explain.. Wtf is organic water?

Have I been drinking the wrong water my whole life?

2. And this SUPER hydrating water.

3. Oh, and this gluten-free sparkling water.

4. This crime against hummus.

5. Also, this one.

6. This questionable discount sushi.

7. And these... nut balls?

8. These emu eggs.

9. This unfortunate event that occurred around Thanksgiving time.

10. And this attack on guacamole.

11. This single frozen slice of pizza.

12. Also, mushroom coffee.

13. This offensive branding.

14. And this unnecessary gadget.

15. This severely overpriced pine cones.

16. And these "made in house" cauliflower steaks.