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Updated on Aug 2, 2019. Posted on Dec 27, 2018

24 Posts That Prove Humans Were Pretty Damn Good To Each Other In 2018

Because we could all use a reminder.

1. This dad who invented the best game ever:

2. This guy on a train who made the ride a little more enjoyable for his seatmate:

3. This man who dropped everything to get a kid to school:

DisDudeForReal / Via

4. This son who was so proud to see his mom become his classmate:

5. These two people whose future goals are so very wholesome:

6. This hero who used his food truck to help those in need:

@TedLandK5 / Via

7. This woman who forged a new friendship in the frozen aisle:

8. This adorable Uber passenger:

9. This Twitter user who's just looking out for your grandma:

10. This interaction between Neil Gaiman and a young student:

Substantial_Degree / Via

11. These Starbucks employees who came together to help someone out:


12. This movie fan who wants to make sure everyone gets their due:

13. This man who noticed someone missing on his daily commute:

14. This person who took one less advertisement off your news feed just for fun:

boredvalk / Via Facebook

15. This man at the drive-thru who's keeping the romance alive:

16. This dad who's bringing the family together:

17. This teacher who is a real wingwoman:


18. This dad whose relationship advice ended up giving him 40,000 new friends:

19. This friendship between two grandmas:

Jiggle_Monster / Via

20. This selfless neighbor who helped dig a car out of snow:

@saladinahmed / Via

21. And these neighbors who helped repair a broken fence:


22. This loving dad who saw his son was stressed out:

23. And finally, there's this guy, who is just looking out for YOU.

H/t to r/wholesomememes

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