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16 British People Who Royally Screwed Up In 2018

These people all deserve a better 2019.

1. This guy who should have double checked the size before ordering:

Don't order trainers when you're smashed. Thought I had a bargain here at £35. But no. I bought fucking kids sizes.

2. This shopper who made an unfortunate mistake:

tried on a bra in Primark & it was nice so I went to buy it but there was no tag so the guy went to find a supervisor to get a code, comes back & goes "this isn't ours, it's a swap" so someone has literally left THEIR OWN BRA on a hanger in order to shoplift one AND I TRIED IT ON

3. And this customer who was misunderstood:

Just went to Tesco and asked if they had any plasters and the woman thought I said pasta and now I’m stood staring at penne because I was too scared to say no

4. This Facebook user who wasn't wearing their glasses:

5. This girl who received a brutal rejection:

if you’re having a bad day at least you didnt get pied with the phrase ‘I’m busy everyday for the rest of the year’ 🙃🙃🙃 https://t.co/QP4P94tA6T

6. This guy who discovered a sobering truth as an adult:

My friend Luke didn’t realise until he was an adult that lukewarm was a real temperature, he thought it was just a term his mum used to describe his bath water.

7. This dad who tried out some new technology:

Strong start to my Dad's whatsapp career.

8. And this dad who thought he caught the wrong train:

I was on the Eurostar earlier and I saw this family freak over something. The father went to talk to a member of staff & he came back to say “It’s okay, Londres is French for London”

9. This guy who won't be catching his flight anytime soon:

10. This student who probably wishes he chose a different uni:

11. This dental patient who made an embarrassing error:

SCREAMING, just hugged my dentist thinking he was going in for one but really he was just taking off my dental bib. Don't think I can ever recover from this

12. This guy who should have done a better job cleaning up after himself:

13. This accidental philanthropist who gave away her cash:

saw £20 lying on the floor beside my foot in edinbrugh, picked it up and gave it to a guy holding a charity box....walked away all chuffed with myself only now to realise it was mine and it had fallen out my pocket 🙂🙂🙂hate maself now

14. This football fan who stood in an unfortunate spot:

Spent a long time laughing at this

15. This girl who was the cause of mistaken identity:

Sooo the builders in my house have just asked if my mum has 3 daughters.... they think 2 of the daughters are actually me with and without make up. Absolutely creased but also very hurt x

16. This mum who got fooled by a Facebook post: