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    31 Things Australian Women Had To Put Up With In 2018

    We're maintaining some rage.

    1. When in the same week two different male politicians called for Australian women to carry tasers and pepper spray to address violence perpetrated against them.

    Australia Parliament House

    2. When an Aboriginal woman gave birth alone in an unsterile West Australian jail cell in circumstances the prisons' inspector described as distressing and degrading.

    Inquiry condemns guards after Aboriginal woman gave birth alone in prison | NITV via @NITV

    3. When the inquiry into transvaginal mesh implants concluded that the thousands of Australian women suffering "devastating complications" from the devices had been "ignored" and "let down" by health professionals and regulatory bodies, and the surgery should only be performed as a "last resort".

    Paul Miller / AAPIMAGE

    Carina Anderson, a member of the class action against Johnson & Johnson involving vaginal mesh implants.

    4. When a woman who had to pay more than $4,000 to access an abortion interstate was then fired by her employer for taking to social media to complain about the ordeal.

    Angela Williamson says she’s “overwhelmed” by support she’s received since being sacked from her government relations role at @CricketAus for criticising the Tasmanian Government’s closure of #abortion services. More tonight #abc730 @leighsales

    5. When a Sydney pub told its patrons via Facebook to “keep calm and slap a bitch” while watching the NRL finals. Research released this year shows domestic assaults surge by 40% on State of Origin nights.


    6. When we surpassed the number of women who last year died violent deaths in Australia (53) by the first week of October. By December 15, 68 women had died this year due to violence according to feminist organisation Destroy the Joint’s ongoing research project Counting Dead Women.

    Good morning. Today's front page of The Age.

    7. When a far-right nationalist targeted Sky News journalist Laura Jayes and said he "might as well have raped" her on air because the outrage over his interview would have been the same. Other female reporters then described the abuse they cop online.

    As if to prove my original character assessment.... Blair Cottrell posts (and later deletes) some weird suggestion about raping me on air. He’s not just a fascist. He’s down right dangerous


    8. When Sky News suspended a female junior producer after a strap at the bottom of the screen displayed an offensive comment about a female senator made on ... Sky News.

    Sky News wishes to apologise to Senator @sarahinthesen8 for broadcasting appalling comments by Senator @DavidLeyonhjelm earlier today, and for highlighting them in an on-screen strap. A producer has been suspended pending an internal investigation.

    Sky News/Twitter

    9. When former prime minister Tony Abbott said it would be a "politically correct mistake" to remove the tax on tampons. "Look, once you start having these sorts of exemptions, where does it end? Where does it end?” he asked.

    Michael Masters / Getty Images

    10. When a journalist described the night she was allegedly groped by former NSW Labor leader Luke Foley.


    11. When Australia's National Rugby League (NRL) allowed a player sentenced to community service by a United States judge over a violent home invasion to play again.

    Mark Kolbe / Getty Images

    Matthew Lodge.

    12. When Indigenous women detailed all the abuse they have to put up with online.

    Why is mentioning that someone is Male or White considered some kind of insult when my race and gender is literally a prefix to anything I say or do? It’s okay for people to point out my race but not okay to point out theirs?

    13. When a report detailed how rampant sexual violence and degrading hazing rituals were in Australian university residential colleges.

    Channel 7/The Red Zone Report / Via Channel 7/The Red Zone Report

    14. When the woman at the centre of a rape trial spoke out against the consent laws, which had helped the man convicted of her rape overturn his conviction on appeal.

    Let Her Speak Campaign/Supplied

    Saxon Mullins.

    15. When a male politician told parliament he was declaring his gender "to be a woman", so left-wing politicians would stop attacking him over his anti-abortion views.

    Here's the video of Nationals senator Barry O'Sullivan saying he is declaring his gender "to be a woman" so the left-wing people can no longer "attack" him over his anti-abortion views.

    Tracey Nearmy / Getty Images

    16. When that same politician perpetuated myth after myth about abortion.

    Barry O'Sullivan just made a speech contradicting every medical professional I've interviewed about abortion over the past 2 yrs. His comments are offensive to doctors and to anyone who has had to terminate a pregnancy, especially in the second trimester:

    17. When opinion and lifestyle website Mamamia published (and later deleted) an article about post-abortion syndrome (PAS), a condition that is oft-cited by anti-choice groups but discredited by medical organisations.

    Here's why Mamamia just deleted an article about abortion

    18. When a Sydney police officer admitted in court to calling Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young and threatening to rape her child.

    Michael Masters / Getty Images

    Sarah Hanson-Young.

    19. When a man defaced a makeshift memorial for murdered Melbourne woman Eurydice Dixon in the park where her body was found.

    David Crosling / AAPIMAGE

    Andrew Nolch leaving court.

    20. When a Supreme Court justice put his name to a motion to change voting rules at the elite Brisbane Tattersall's Club that would have effectively doomed any chance of women becoming members.

    Dan Peled / AAP

    Tattersall's Club in Brisbane.

    21. When a government staffer who sent an expletive-laden text message to a female journalist, calling her a "feminist cunt" and a "bitch", kept his job.

    Thanks to everyone who has sent messages of support. I’m on annual leave this week so can’t respond to you all. I never wanted to be the story but that language is unacceptable, to anyone. To clarify, I recieved an apology on Friday night, five days after the offensive texts

    22. When the AFL proposed reducing the number of games in the blossoming women's competition, despite the fact AFLW gained two extra teams.

    I love moving across the country for months, leaving my family behind to play a 6 week season 🙄🙄 When the pre season is twice as long as the actual season, something is wrong! Don’t bring new teams in if you can’t accommodate for them!! @AFL #pissed

    23. When a columnist compared Australia's cheating cricketers to the #MeToo movement.

    The Australian cricket team cheating is many things but it is not a #MeToo moment. This comparison cheapens a movement that empowers sexual assault survivors.

    24. When an investigation found former Melbourne lord mayor Robert Doyle had sexually harassed town hall colleagues after he drank "substantial amounts of red wine".

    James Ross / AAP

    Melbourne councillor Cathy Oke (right) receives a hug at the conclusion of a council meeting.

    25. When White Ribbon Australia retracted and later reinstated a position on reproductive rights.

    By saying they're "agnostic" on reproductive rights White Ribbon are effectively saying that one of the most insidious forms of domestic violence, reproductive coercion, doesn't really concern them.

    26. When footage emerged of a woman begging religious picketers to leave her alone as she entered an abortion clinic in Queensland.

    BuzzFeed News/Kate Marchesi

    27. When a Labor politician made a speech in parliament and complained to a university over a student holding a pro-choice rally.

    Madeline Ward/Supplied

    28. When 2013 footage circulated of Daily Show host Trevor Noah including a joke he made about Indigenous Australian women.

    For all the white and non-Indigenous POC making excuses for Trevor Noah, telling us to concentrate on the 'real issues', I look forward to seeing you at next protest because I bet you weren't there for Don Dale, Ms Dhu, Ms Maher, Elijah, Bowraville, David Dungay & so many others

    29. When cabinet minister Michaelia Cash threatened to name "every single young woman" from Labor leader Bill Shorten's office that she's heard rumours about, during a fiery Senate Estimates exchange.

    Mick Tsikas / AAP

    30. When the frontman of a band accused of racism and sexism broke his silence with "boys will be boys".

    31. When a hotel created an advertisement in which a woman wasn't interested in the national financial broadsheet.

    Hi @SofitelBrisbane, your breakfast looks delicious! Hey and just wanted to let you know I’m a woman and I also read the @FinancialReview every day