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25 Home Improvement Projects People Actually Pulled Off In 2018

A fixer-upper is definitely worth the effort.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the home improvement projects they pulled off in 2018, and the responses were inspiring. Here are some of the best:

1. This dining room that got a midcentury modern makeover.

2. And this one that became a boho paradise.

"It was untouched since 1955 until we got a hold of it."


3. This extreme makeover that was pretty dated before the new owners took over.

"We bought a fixer-upper and completely redid the kitchen! Our fur-babies love it."


4. This bedroom makeover that was transformed to such a degree that it looks like it's from an episode of Fixer Upper.

"The house I inherited from my grandparents needed some TLC before I could move in. I still need to add a couple of things, but I can’t get over the comparison."


5. And this colorful bedroom that was painted to look like something out of a modern art gallery.

"I bought a house and my oldest daughter finally had her own room. I wanted to make it special, so I painted a mosaic on her wall and made up her bed to match."


6. This kitchen renovation that was surprisingly cheap to pull off.

"I did a complete kitchen renovation by myself for less than $200."


7. This trendy new fireplace that was a mess turned into a masterpiece with a few tiles and wood panels.

8. This bedroom that became totally dreamy after string lights and gauzy curtains were hung behind the bed.

"My sister got a bedroom makeover for her birthday. All new everything! We didn’t get before shots, but it was really bad."


9. These countertops that were painted to look like granite.

"After the other renovations we made to our new house, we didn't have money for fancy countertops. They were green laminate so we painted them to (sort of) look like granite."


10. This old desk that Benjamin Button'd right into a beautiful new vanity.

"I took the desk my grandfather made in his high school shop class, added a little contact paper, spray paint, a pretty mirror, and some rose gold baskets. Now, I have my dream makeup vanity!"


11. This kitchen that was (probably) included in the 2018 Merriam-Webster dictionary as the definition of a "glow-up".

12. This living room that became so much more fun after paint, new floors, and a bunch of colorful furnishings were added.

13. This bathroom that got a style upgrade and a storage upgrade.

"These are before and after photos of our guest bathroom!"


14. This new living room addition that was probably the best gift its owners had ever received.

"My fiancé made this built-in wall unit and fireplace renovation as a house-warming gift for his brother's family. It took him the entire summer between semesters of nursing school. We think he may have chosen the wrong profession! According to him, it's '100% genuine Irish craftsmanship'."


15. And this custom wall unit that actually made the room look bigger instead of smaller.

16. This walk-in closet that became a whole other room!

"I turned the walk-in closet that we never used into a nursery."


17. And this broom closet that became a highly functional laundry room.

18. This gorgeous bathroom that was just one of the rooms remodeled by its 26-year-old (!!!) owner.

"I bought a house at 26 and completely gutted it!"


19. This living room that was painted in a way that tricks your eye into seeing higher ceilings.

"I painted the ceiling white and pulled the white down the walls to make the ceiling appear taller. I chose a cleaner brighter color for my north-facing living room."


20. This bathroom makeover that was given a top to bottom refresh.

21. This living room that turned into the setting of literally every Christmas movie ever.

22. This dining room that became cozier (and cuter) when its new owners added banquet seating.

"My parents' kitchen desperately needed a makeover, so we redid the entire thing which included building a kitchen table and banquette seating."


23. And this gorgeous new fireplace that was a big undertaking, and ended up being totally worth it.

"When we bought our house we decided we didn’t want this huge hutch that was in our kitchen. When we moved it, we realized why it was there. There was this huge unfinished piece of wall, with layers of wallpaper and paint behind it. There was even a big hole in the ground below it. It turned out this used to be a coal chute! I guess all the previous owners of the house decided it was a project they didn’t want to finish. So we did! We cut out the drywall, exposed the wood slats behind the wallpaper, framed it, painted it, and installed the mantle and an electric fireplace. We even cut out some of the hardwood floor so we could install a hearth. Voilà! We have a fireplace now!"


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