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17 Teachers And Professors Who Did The Absolute Most In 2018

And the best teacher award goes to...all of them, because they all deserve it.

1. This teacher who tried to make their lessons more fun by being more ~relatable~:


2. And this teacher who used a meme to make a very good point:

3. This teacher who was both funny and stern, the best of both worlds:

4. This teacher who gave no extra homework for wholesome reasons:

5. This professor who was kind enough to give everyone an A due to a mistake they had made:

My professor gave us the wrong test, so she gave us an A on our final!! RT FOR GOODLUCK

6. This teacher who made a very good attempt at their Halloween costume:

7. This teacher who wanted to remind their student to never give up on drawing:

8. This professor who brought in his dog to class to help calm pre-exam nerves:

9. This professor who invited their students to their Thanksgiving meal:

10. This professor who taught his students how to save money:

11. This professor who made everyone breakfast:

12. This professor who took the time to personally e-mail all of their students after the grades had been posted:

13. Or better yet, this teacher who gave all of their students personalised notes as a form of encouragement:

14. This professor who knows how to have fun:

My professor Dr. Cornel West is DIFFERENT DIFFERENT.

15. This teacher who has a great sense of humour:

16. This professor who knew how to laugh off mistakes:

I emailed my professor and said dead instead of dear

17. And finally, this professor who threw graduation for his students after the original one got cancelled:

Graduation at Lewis University got cancelled due to the mumps outbreak but luckily our professor John Halloran was sweet enough to help us celebrate with our graduating classmate!! He’s the best.❤️