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30 Times The Internet Wasn't So Awful In 2018

This is the energy we need to carry into 2019.

1. When this dude went to bat for a professor who just wanted to make class a little more fun:

2. The time this couple was so cute that it was honestly kind of gross:

3. When this woman's kid had a lot of compassion for his stuffed animals:

4. The time these boys just loved their mom so dang much:

5. When this fluffy little passenger disrupted everyone's morning commute:

6. This beautiful girl's first birthday:

7. The time this kid was better at marketing than most pros:

8. When these two had an awkward encounter:

9. When this guy got his annual Yoshi cake, baked with love:

10. Jamal and Grandma Wanda's third Thanksgiving together:

11. The time this young entrepreneur got all his permits squared away:

12. When teens turned it all around:

13. The time the New York Presbyterian Hospital made a CPR playlist that absolutely slaps:

14. When this guy's friends "pranked" him:

15. The time this dude made a wholesome observation:

16. When this woman's mom used memes for good:

17. When this girl dressed up as her hero for Halloween:

Happy #Halloween! Can you guess who I am?

Twitter: @_parkercurry

18. When this kind-hearted exchange happened on Tumblr:

19. The time this kindergarten class surprised their custodian:

CUTE ALERT: These kindergarteners at Hickerson Elementary School in Nashville wished a deaf school custodian a happy birthday in sign language yesterday. He sure was surprised! Happy birthday, Mr. James! (Video courtesy of Hickerson Elementary)

Twitter: @DenverChannel

20. The time we were reminded to be more like cauliflower:

21. When this person made us all want to call our moms to tell them that we love them:

When God created my Mom it went a little something like this https://t.co/whfpSApdhp

Twitter: @MrM3L0

22. The time these two found love, despite their (height) differences:

23. When Cardi B was the "cool aunt":

24. The time this woman's brother went in for this first interview:

25. When the residents of Seal Beach made life a little easier for their local doughnut supplier:

26. The time this handsome boy had to take his handsome pills:

27. When this dude invented a new meme for his girlfriend:

28. The time this woman shot her shot and scored:

29. When these two besties found one another after 12 years:

30. The time the creator of Minions gave us permission to make fun of his beautiful creation: