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18 Things That Happened In 2018 That Are So Melbourne It Hurts

Never change, Melbourne.

1. This person getting comfy on the tram.

2. This notice.

reddit: u/aussie__kiss / Via

3. This optimism.

reddit: u/intj_di / Via

4. This cafe where you have to make your own toast.

reddit: u/dashman1234 / Via

5. This deconstructed iced coffee.

reddit: u/Offensiveraptor / Via

6. This couple's Halloween costume.

reddit: u/originaltimtam / Via

7. This response to political advertising.

reddit: u/randommonth / Via

8. And this one to a "for lease" sign.

reddit: u/asomek / Via

9. This DIY radio station.

reddit: u/moyno85 / Via

10. This tragedy.

reddit: u/Velnica / Via

11. This cyclist.

reddit: u/kazoodude / Via

12. And this one.

13. This fare offender.

reddit: u/spcfnk / Via

14. This absolute legend.

reddit: u/fycon / Via

15. This Parkdale Pigeon party.

reddit: u/Quppa / Via

16. This hen just casually strolling down the street.

reddit: u/StoneBlackChaos / Via

17. This chain link fence art.

reddit: u/_chocdreams / Via

18. And this bus.

reddit: u/MaxwellKerman / Via

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