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    38 Latinx-Owned Business To Help You Find The Perfect Gifts

    Or to keep in mind year-round.

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    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. The founder of Chaos Makeup, Megan Martinez, went from being a homeless teenager to creating an impressive cruelty-free and vegan-friendly makeup brand. Their highlighters and shadows are incredibly pigmented and rich.

    2. Reina Rebelde makes the best red lipstick and eyebrow pomade out there, IMHO.,

    Who this is perfect for: Your friend who is obsessed with beauty products, your friend who is looking to try something new, your friend who is over matte lipsticks, or your friend who loves a bold lip and great brows.

    You can get their Bold Lip Color Stick for $13.99 and their Rebel Eye Paint for $13.99.

    3. Alamar Cosmetics is named after their founder's Cuban "barrio" and all the products are inspired by her Caribbean roots.,

    Who this is perfect for: Your friend who loves makeup, your friend who loves colorful eye makeup, or your friend who is looking for a fun look for New Year's Eve.

    You can get their Reina del Caribe eyeshadow palette for $28.

    4. Necromancy Cosmetica is a Puerto Rican-based makeup brand that makes vegan and cruelty-free matte lipsticks.,

    Who this is perfect for: Your bruja friend, your goth friend, your friend who usually wears all black, your friend who is looking for a new matte lippie.

    You can get their lipsticks for $16.

    5. CAí Para Mi is a makeup brand inspired by the vast diversity found in NYC — one of their brand ambassadors is reggaeton singer, Natti Natasha. I've actually tried their foundation and really like it.

    Who this is perfect for: That friend who is in the market for a new full coverage foundation, your friend who loves all makeup things, your friend who is looking for great makeup at an affordable price, or your friend who loves Natti Natasha.

    You can shop CAí Para Mi starting at $9.99.

    6. Vive Cosmetics was founded by two Latinas who believe great lipstick and an unending cultural pride go hand in hand. They make the best terracotta matte lippie.,

    Who this is perfect for: Your friend who loves matte lippies, your friend looking for a bold, long-lasting lipstick, your friend who absolutely loves makeup.

    You can get Vive Cosmetics matte lipsticks for $19.

    7. You're going to need a bag for all that makeup, so keep Anda Pa'l in mind. The brand was founded by a Rita, a Puerto Rican woman who left home and deals with her nostalgia for her Latinx roots but creating these hilarious canvas bags.,

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone and everyone. You can't ever have too many bags, they are great for storage and organizing.

    You can the the Life in Translation bags for $16.50.

    8. Brewbles is the brainchild of Austin resident Catheryn Estefania Rodriguez Rangel, a Xilangx/Mexican immigrant, she creates gorgeous and nostalgic bath bombs, pulling inspiration from childhood memories and her cultural roots.

    Who is this perfect for: Your mother, aunts, grandma — anyone who needs a relaxing bath because nadie los ayuda en esta casa.

    Explore Brewbles constantly selling out creations here.

    9. Mia del Mar is a beauty brand inspired by Latin heritage and all of the natural beauty secrets that are passed down from generation to generation. They have a mix of great products, from a night cream to a croqueta bag.

    Mia del Mar

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone who is invested in skin care, that friend who wants to change up her routine, anyone looking for a great night cream and an even better tote bag.

    You can get the Overnight Miracle Glow Night Cream for $54, and the "Eat The Croqueta" tote for $12.

    10. Biobelle makes my favorite sheet masks. Not only are they super cute, they also make my skin look and feel great. I love using them on planes or when I have friends over for a night in.


    Who this is perfect for: Anyone who loves sheet masks, anyone who wants to pamper themselves, anyone who travels a lot, or anyone who likes beautiful, Instagrammable things.

    You can get their masks starting at $3.99.

    11. Alma Aromatherapy if you're looking to take a more ~natural~ approach to beauty, this is the brand you've been looking for. Their moisturizing serum is what's saving my skin this winter.,

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone looking to try affordable products that deliver, anyone into clean beauty, anyone really into essential oils.

    You can get the moisturizing serum for $22 and the detoxifying clay mask $22.

    12. Give some of your holiday spending dollars to Anima Mundi Apothecary, a company dedicated to preserving the indigenous lands and local economies of Central and South America through organic agriculture and wildcrafted goods.,

    Made in small batches and using true fair trade practices, Anima Mundi Apothecary uses medicinal botanicals found in nature to create teas, tonic, and oils that'll help relax and heal you. They source all their ingredients from the native people in Central and South America. Their Costa Rican founder, Adriana Ayales, has dedicated her life to studying herbalism and providing natural remedies.

    Who is this perfect for: Anyone looking for natural ingredients, a healthy life style, and some very much needed "me" time.

    Get them from Amazon: the calming tea for $17 and the brain tonic for $18.70.

    13. Brujita Skincare's products are made with mineral rich earth clays and powders sourced from mercados in Mexico. They source everything from vendors in hopes of bringing awareness to mercado culture in Mexico.

    Instagram: @brujitaskincare

    Who this is perfect for: All the brujas you know, anyone who's into clean beauty, anyone who wants a little ~magic~ in their life.

    It looks like everything is currently out of stock on their website, but they will be releasing new product on December 26th.

    14. Get some amazingly unique and stand out pieces from Valfré, a Latina-owned online shop with so many cool things you won't be able to decide.


    Founded by Mexican-born artist Ilse Valfré, Valfré provides a variety of unique and colorful accessories and clothing to help anyone channel their cool girl style. Ultimately, Ms. Valfré's mission is to bring her art to life through some really fun and original pieces which reflect her total creativity.

    Who is this perfect for: All the cool ass chicas that let you raid their closet — so you can borrow whatever it is you buy them.

    Get this Cabrona T-shirt for $42 (available in sizes XS-XL).

    15. Hause of Curls is a brand founded by Dominican fashion stylist Sherly Tavarez for Latinas and all women on their natural hair journey. They make T-shirts, hoodies, accessories, and more.

    House of Curls

    Who is this perfect for: Your friend who is embracing her curls, anyone who just started their natural hair journey, anyone looking for an equally cute and impactful graphic tee.

    You can get the holiday collection tee for $27.99 and the Pelo Malo Where? t-shirt for $24.99.

    16. Malvicino Swim was founded by Argentine designer, Catherine Malvicino, with a mission to make swimwear comfortable and easy. All of their pieces are sold as separates and are reversible, so you can mix and match as you please.

    Instagram: @malvicino_swim

    Who this is perfect for: You friend the beach bum, anyone who's in the market for a great bathing suit, or anyone who likes to mix and match.

    You can get the Maya top (left) for $75 and the Ubud bottom (left) for $75, and the Nusa one-piece (right) for $150.

    17. Made in Mayhem is a line of luxury leather goods by Luz Northrup. They make high-quality pieces, from belts to passport holders

    Who this is perfect for: You friend who likes classic yet modern pieces, or anyone in the market for a good quality, durable gift.

    You can get the Washington for $60 and the Clark for $120.

    18. Bronx Vintage Jeans made the best jean jacket I've ever seen, and every time I wear it, people ask me where I got it. If you are also a Cafe Bustelo fan, this is for you.,

    Who this is perfect for:

    Explore their creations and check out some of the custom pieces you can get here.

    19. Juliana Lima is a sustainable brand of beautiful handmade pieces. They design beautiful accessories while helping communities in need in developing countries.,

    Who this is perfect for: Your friend who loves a unique and gorgeous bag, your friend who loves summer accessories, your friend who loves the planet and wants to invest in sustainable pieces.

    Get the Clara bag (left) for $120 and the Julia bag (right) for $98.

    20. Yo Soy AfroLatina is a brand that was born out of lack of representation. They promote the visibility of the Black Diaspora within Latin America and the Caribbeans, while and celebrating our diverse culture.

    Yo Soy AfroLatina

    Who this is perfect for: Your Afro-Latina friend, your friend who is proud of her roots, your friend who wants to support a small business, your friend who loves their diverse roots.

    You can get the &&& tee (left) for $23.95 and the Mija tote for $20.

    21. If you're looking for affordable novelty jewelry, then you need to check out Candy's Kloset, where you'll find a ton of adorable pieces to help add a little flavor to any outfit.

    Candy's Kloset on Etsy

    Started by a broke AF college student, Etsy shop Candy's Kloset has become a go-to shop for affordable and super cute jewelry, many of which are inspired by Latinx culture. Within their selection, you'll find adorable pan dulce accessories and engraved bracelets so you can let everyone know you're a bruja — and proud.

    Who this is perfect for: Your quirky and hilarious prima, your food loving bestie, your stylish comadres.

    Her shop is taking a short break until December 23rd but they'll be back with a massive holiday sale. Get the earrings for $8 and the bracelet for $8.

    22. Scarf Me is a Brazilian brand that makes gorgeous silk scarfs in different styles and designs. Because of their versatility, silk scarves are a closet staple that will never go out of style.,

    Who this is perfect for: Your trendy friend who loves accessories, someone who has loves timeless pieces, or someone who loves accessories.

    You can get a scarf starting at $34.

    23. KGYN is a brand that represents girl power and encourages women to support other women, one graphic tee at a time.

    Who this is perfect for: Any of your BFFs, any of your Latinx friends or coworkers.

    You can get the LATINAS shirt for $35.

    24. Help them channel their inner chola princess with the pretty AF designs of Bella Doña., Bella Dona

    Founded in LA, Bella Doña harnesses that SoCal chola esthetic that so many other brands try to imitate with ease. Their shop is filled with unique sweatshirts, tanks, and tees that'll definitely have you smiling now, crying never. Also, can we talk about how pretty this pink La Virgen sweatshirt is?!

    Who this is perfect for: My cousin Pili and any other bad-ass cholas in your life.

    Get this shirt for $32 (available in sizes S-2XL) and the clutch for $32.

    25. Zahira Kelly is writer, speaker, artist, and one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter. She also has a great online store which sell this incredible platano shirt.

    Zahira Kelly

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone who loves platano in any way, shape, or form. Anyone with style, anyone who embraces the tranquilo y tropical lifestyle.

    You can get it from Zahira Kelly for $39.99.

    26. Check out Pinetration 818, an Etsy shop filled with latino-centric enamel pins — your denim jacket will never be the same.

    Pinetration 818 on Etsy

    Like their Instagram says, Pinetration 818 is para la raza. They create unique, often hilarious, enamel pins of some serious iconic Latinx artifacts and distinct cultural symbols. I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a Mexican who doesn't want a Guansito pin — or is that just me?

    Who is this perfect for:Your nostaligic AF tia and tio, your favorite cousins, and your perfectly accessorized grandparents.

    Get the El Buki pin for $10 and the Vaporu socks for $12.95.

    27. If they love candles and being Latinx AF then they'll need to get their hands on some of the delicious smelling goods at Oh Comadre, a line of hand-poured candles made in some very yummy scents.

    Oh Comadre

    Started by Marcella Gomez, a mother, wife, nurse, and a self-described candle lover, Oh Comadre offers organic veggie soy wax candles with cotton wicks. Because of her love of candles, Ms. Gomez spends months testing every detail to help create a perfect one. Each candle is hand-poured in Downey, California and is filled with the scents of her Latino culture. Helping you not only reminisce about that birthday when your tío dunked your face in your tre leches cake but also encouraging you to relax and wind down.

    Their next restock isn't until 12/30 but they're worth the wait so I'm sure no one will mind getting their gift a little late.

    Who is this perfect for: Your cousin who just bought their first home, your sister who moved way to far away, and your nephew whose apartment smells a little funky.

    Get the elote candle for $14.99.

    28. Sololi Shop is a family-owned online store that specializes in Mexican artisan goods. You can find anything from recycled bags to home decor here.,

    Who is this perfect for: They have such a wide range of beautiful things that this is great option for anyone and everyone on your list.

    You can get the recycled totes starting at $50 and the headbands $11.99.

    29. Yiyi Mendoza makes beautiful ceramic objects that will make any space look great. She's inspired by ancient cultures, architecture, and the cosmos her forms are intended to endure as relics of this time.

    Who this is perfect for: Your friend you just got a new place, your friend who appreciates great design, your friend who is redecorating their house.

    Her new collection "In Orbit" will be out soon, but you can check her Instagram for updates.

    30. Miscelanea NY is a place where you can find many, many things that celebrate authentic Mexican culture. In their East Village location they sell tortas and antojitos, and on their website they sell everything from candles to caps. I'm currently particularly obsessed with their Millennial Lotería, and ironic take on the classic game.

    Miscelanea NY

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone who grew up playin lotería, anyone who enjoys games, anyone who enjoys a modern twist on a classic, or any of your hipster friends.

    You can get the Millennial Lotería for $22.50.

    31. If you're looking for body-positive, inclusive designs then Nalgona Positive Shop is your go-to store for cool T-shirts and inspirational slogans.

    Nalgona Positivity Shop on Etsy

    The Chicana-owned Etsy shop focuses on selling body positive merchandise for girls of all ages. Their main focus is bringing awareness to the struggle of suffering with an eating disorder and to help change the way woman perceive their bodies. Basically, it's a cute AF shop with a totally stellar mission.

    Who is this perfect for: Your little cousins going away to college and any powerful and amazing women in your life.

    Get the this poster for $10.

    32. Find a slew of adorable pieces at Claudia Ramos Designs, where you'll be able to shop a colorful collection of home decor and novelty items.

    Claudia Ramos Designs on Etsy

    Claudia Ramos, the graphic designer, mother, and illustrator behind the adorable creations in this Etsy shop uses her own colorful, fun, and creative traits to become inspired. Ultimately her goal is to help bring joy to anyone who sees her work, and with their bright colors and beautiful designs it's hard to imagine they don't.

    Who is this perfect for: Your adorable nieces and anyone who loves adorable design.

    Get the 7" embroidery for $80.

    33. Rizos Curls' founder, Julissa Prado, spent years dreaming of creating a product that worked for all types of curly hair, and now her dream is a reality.

    Who this is perfect for: Your friend with curly hair who wants more bounce and less frizz.

    You can shop the Rizos Curls collection starting at $14.99.

    34. MicMas ReMiX's founder creates hair recipes using high quality, all-natural ingredients for coarse and coily tresses. Through their products, they want encourage people to be proud of their hair because there is no such thing as pelo malo.

    Who this is perfect for: Your friend who is proud of her hair, your friend on her natural hair journey, any of your Afro Latinx friends, anyone looking for hair products with all natural ingredients.

    You can shop their hair and scalp products starting at $12.75.

    35. Your little one will stay #blessed and stylish wearing this Hija de tu Madre Virgen de Guadalupe jean jacket. If you're like "I kinda want that jacket for me," you're in luck, they also have it for adults.

    Hija de tu Madre

    Who this is perfect for: Any toddler because everything looks cute on them, your godchild, your primito, any nieces or nephews, anyone you want to spoil.

    Get it the Virgencita Jacket for kids for $85.

    36. Fill your library with all of the wonderful stories from Lil' Libros, a series of bilingual children's books with stories of important Latino figures and cultural identifiers.,

    Created by Patty Rodriquez and Ariana Stein, Lil' Libros is colorful collection of children's books and one of the first to provide kids of all ages with the ability to learn Spanish and become immersed in some of the most important people in Latino culture. These two boss ladies saw the need for books like this when they became mothers and found nothing that could help their children and children across the country learn Spanish and about their rich Latino culture.

    Who is this perfect for: Any kiddo who you want to make sure stays fully bilingual and educated on the amazingness of our culture.

    Get them from Amazon: the Celia biography for $6.44+ and the Cuauhtémoc Shapes book for $9.11.

    37. Find adorable, Latin-centric children's clothes at Spanglish Threadz — they're so cute you'll probably want them for yourself.

    Spanglish Threadz

    Created by parents Ana and Mario, Spanglish Threadz creates classic T-shirts and hoodies with a modern twist. Incorporating tidbits and unique characteristics of their Hispanic culture into well-made and adorable children's clothing. Now, all they need to do is make that Sopita T-shirt in adult-children sizes — aka for me.

    Who is this perfect for: Your favorite niece and nephew...shhhhh, we won't tell.

    Get the hoodie for $25 (available in children's sizes 12 months-5T) and the T-shirt for $25 (available in children's sizes 12 months-6 youth).

    38. Enjoy the delicious treats of Twisted, uniquely-flavored cotton candy that's totally sweet.


    Who doesn't love cotton candy? Well, Twisted gives you another reason to love it, by taking a delicious, classic treat and adding your favorite flavors — like mango with Tajin and mazapan. It's almost like the founders went into every Candy Land-filled dream I've ever had and brought my happiness to life!

    Who is this perfect for: EVERYONE!!!! But If you want an excuse to treat yourself buy it for your little cousin and then make them share it with you.

    Get the Dulce Dream three-pack for $20 (includes churro, mazapan, and horchata flavored cotton candy).

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