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Best Tweets, Memes, and Jokes of 2018

What were the best Tweets, Memes, and Jokes of 2018? OMG so many memes. You made it through Tide Pods, Yanny/Laurel, Moth memes, and all those Absolute Units. Can you remember a time without the “Is This a Pigeon?” meme? Was Johnny eating sugar and telling lies? We may never know for sure, but now you can relive all those memorable memes and maybe discover a few gems you missed this year. We only have a few precious moments left with the Yodeling Walmart Boy, Zendaya as Meechee, and Gritty before the year is over. We’ve got the roundups covered. The best tweets, the worst tweets, the memes that were beaten to death in 2018… we have it all. Jokes? Oh yeah, we got those too.
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