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There Were A Lot Of Hot Dads In Movies This Year, Which One Is Your Soulmate?

It truly was the year of hot fictional dads.

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This week, Vulture released a list of the hottest movie dads of 2018, and we gotta agree it was a pretty great year for Hot Fictional Dads.

Lionsgate / Disney / Paramount

But which Hot Dad are you destined to be with? This quiz will tell you:

  1. Pick a vacation spot to have an affair with a Hot Dad:

  2. Pick a type of restaurant to have a romantic dinner at:

  3. Pick a drink for him to bring you from the bar while you lounge by the pool:

  4. Pick a decadent dessert to enjoy together:

  5. Pick a dog to train to "accidentally" run up to Hot Dad at the park so you can strike up a conversation:

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