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21 Cool Scientific Discoveries That Prove 2018 Wasn't All Bad

We have a new organ now, no big deal.

1. We learned that we might suffer a climate crisis by the year 2040.

2. We have a new organ called the the interstitium now!

3. We finally got to read about a survivor of the last U.S. slave ship, after years of the manuscript being ignored.

4. There's a huge subaltern lake on Mars, ending a decades-long debate among astronomers.

5. There was a 1,500 year old sword hiding at the bottom of a Swedish lake—and an 8-year-old girl found it.

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Many of us thought we had found a new ruler in Saga Vanecek, who pulled a sword that might date to the 5th or 6th century A.D. while playing in Vidöstern Lake. The sword was originally thought to be a Viking sword, but is now thought to predate the Vikings.

6. The solution to regrowing hair follicles might be found in McDonald's fry oil.

7. Researchers found an entire lost city!

8. We found billions of tons of "zombie" bacteria under the Earth's surface, redefining what life is.

9. We found an extremely rare depiction of Jesus Christ with short hair.

A heavily eroded painting thought to depict Jesus Christ at his baptism in the Jordan River has been identified amid the ruins of a 1,500-year-old church at the site of the ancient city of Shivta, which is located in the Negev Desert. https://t.co/UVrk9m4QbR

It's thought that this portrait might be the first iconoclastic scene of Christ's baptism in the Holy Land. There aren't many Christian images from there in part due to a law about worshipping icons.

10. We cloned monkeys for the first time.

11. We found a huge new species of dinosaur we didn't know about before.

12. NASA's Twin Studies program found that space travel altered gene expression in twin astronauts.

13. We finally identified a mystery animal that seemingly defied all classification.

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The strange creature, called Dickinsonia, is said the be the oldest creature known to man, dating back to around 558 million years ago. Its lack of distinctive animal features have puzzled scientists, who thought the species might be giant amoeba, or failed evolutionary experiments. However, recently unearthed fossils with some biofilm preserved confirm that these are, actually, the world's earliest known animals.

14. We found out turtles didn't always have shells.

15. The first effective male birth control pill may have been developed.

16. Astronomers discovered the brightest object in our universe...for now.

17. We found out that the moonfish is actually a warm-blooded, fish.

18. We discovered the earliest-known beer brewery in a cave in Israel.

19. Researchers were able to erase damage caused by Alzheimer's in a human brain cell.

20. We saw the first Canadian adult to receive a stem cell transplant be deemed sickle cell-free.

21. We reversed the aging process in mice, and might be able to do the same for humans.