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Gig Economy

Gig Economy

Gig Economy Workers Don't Qualify For Shared Parental Leave. This MP Wants To Change That

The current system doesn't reflect the modern working world, MP Tracy Brabin told BuzzFeed News. She will table a parliamentary motion on the subject this month.

Theresa May Has Been Urged To Crack Down On "Unscrupulous" Gig Economy Employers

"As it seeks to negotiate the best possible Brexit deal, the government must not allow addressing urgent issues in Britain’s labour market to fall by the wayside."

Uber Has Lost An Appeal Against A Ruling That Gave Drivers Workers' Rights

A tribunal upheld a decision that drivers had the right to be classed as workers rather than as self-employed. Uber is expected to launch further appeals.

There Are Only 9 Inspectors Responsible For Upholding The Rights Of Vulnerable Agency Workers In The UK

MPs have heard how the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate has a budget of just £500,000 to regulate a sector comprising 18,000 businesses.

Deliveroo Has Changed Its Terms, "Forcing" People To "Compete" For Shifts, Drivers Say

Deliveroo drivers say they will be "forced" to compete for jobs and fear they could earn less money, because of new changes to the app.

Uber And Deliveroo's Use Of Self-Employed Drivers Has "Major Tax Benefits", The Author Of A Gig Economy Review Says

Matthew Taylor also said Uber and Deliveroo drivers "probably ought to be" classified as workers instead of self-employed.

An Uber Boss Just Got Asked By An MP If The Company Was "Hypocritical"

"I think the business absolutely accepts in some places it's had the wrong attitude and needs to change," Uber's head of policy admitted.

Here's How Uber Is Fighting Against A Tribunal That Said It Should Give Drivers Worker Rights

Last year a group of drivers won the right to holiday and sick pay. On Wednesday Uber appealed that decision, arguing it is no different from any minicab company.

Uber Says It Won't Ever "Be Perfect" But It Will Operate In London With "Humility"

The under-fire taxi firm has apologised after Transport for London refused to renew its licence, but union bosses say "actions speak louder than words".

This 23-Year-Old Entrepreneur Has Created A New Ride-Hailing App To Take On Uber

Markus Villig was just 19 when he founded Taxify, and he's now brought it to London. But can he really drive customers away from Uber?

Some Deliveroo Drivers Are Turning Down Jobs In London Because They're Worried About Acid Attacks

A Deliveroo driver was attacked with acid last month in London. Now more than 70 drivers have refused to go to certain locations over safety fears.

Deliveroo Drivers Say The Police Are Too Scared To Chase Moped Thieves

Jabed Hussain, who was injured in an acid attack last month, told BuzzFeed News about his experience.

A Deliveroo Driver Was Attacked With Acid In London Last Night As He Was Delivering A Takeaway

Deliveroo told BuzzFeed News it was "in touch with the rider and will be providing him with support" after the attack.

Matthew Taylor Says Brands Should Show How Many Zero-Hours Workers Want Permanent Jobs

Matthew Taylor, who published a long-awaited report into modern working practices on Tuesday, told BuzzFeed News it's up to brands to be more transparent about the use of agency workers and people on insecure self-employed contracts.

The Shadow Business Secretary Says It's Not "Morally Acceptable" To Take An Uber

Rebecca Long-Bailey was speaking on BBC Radio 4 on the day the government's Taylor report examining the gig economy was launched.

Jeremy Corbyn Says The Gig Economy Worker Rights Review Is A "Huge Missed Opportunity"

Matthew Taylor, who was commissioned by the government to review employment rights, has recommended that worker rights should be bolstered, but Labour says his recommendations do not go far enough.

The Man Running The Government's Employment Review Says His Think Tank Uses Zero-Hours Contracts

Matthew Taylor, CEO of the Royal Society of Arts, is leading a government review of modern employment that will consider the issue of insecure work.

This MP Says Delivery Drivers For And Leading Retailers Are “Exploited” And “Badly Treated”

AO Group, owner of Expert Logistics, said it "refutes" the claims, but apologised after drivers received unofficial letters warning them they could have their contracts terminated for littering.

These People Took Uber And Deliveroo To Court – Here's What They Think Of The Tory Manifesto

"The Tory government has systematically deprived people of rights year after year – and now they’re going to claim to be the party of the working class? I don't think so, mate."

Asos Has Terminated Its Contract With Transline With Immediate Effect

Sources told BuzzFeed News they were informed yesterday that Transline would no longer manage agency workers at the retailer's Barnsley warehouse.

A Parliamentary Investigation Into The Gig Economy Hangs In The Balance Due To The General Election

Iain Wright MP, chair of the business select committee, had been examining workers' rights in an inquiry that has been derailed by the snap general election.

Uber Is Offering Drivers Injury And Sick Pay – If They Pay For It

The announcement from the under-fire taxi firm comes days before MPs are due to publish a report into the gig economy.

Sports Direct Has Just Invited This Shop Manager To Attend Board Meetings

Sports Direct has appointed a shop floor manager to represent workers on the board as it struggles to improve its reputation following a string of criticisms about working practices.

Deliveroo's Founder Says He Can't Give Workers More Rights Without The Government's Help

William Shu, Deliveroo cofounder, said he would like to offer riders more security but that it was up to government to "define" a status of worker that would enable that.

An MP Just Said He Was "Astonished" The Company That Supplies Workers To Asos Couldn't Answer His Questions

"I do find it astonishing that you didn't do the homework beforehand," the business select committee chair told Transline after it failed to answer questions about the Asos warehouse in Barnsley.

This Lawyer Is Crowdfunding £75,000 To Take Uber To Court Over Taxes He Claims It Owes

Barrister Jolyon Maugham QC is raising funds for a legal challenge over whether the company should be charging customers VAT.

Women Are Being Denied Work After Becoming Pregnant, MPs Have Been Told

The Trades Union Congress made the claim during the opening session of the business, energy, and industrial strategy committee inquiry into the "future world of work".

Uber Drivers May Have To Write An Essay About Mars To Prove They Can Speak English Under New Rules

TfL said drivers from private hire taxi firms having the right level of English is "vital for customer safety".

Deliveroo Rowed Back On A Controversial Gig Economy Clause While Being Grilled By MPs

Deliveroo, questioned alongside executives from Amazon, Uber, and Hermes, told MPs it would drop a contract clause designed to prevent riders from challenging the company in the courts.

A Court Made A Ruling About A Plumber's Working Rights That Could Have Big Repercussions For The Gig Economy

The Court of Appeal found that a former plumber should be given basic workers' rights in a move that could make it harder for companies to avoid covering costs like holiday and sick pay, lawyers said.

Zero-Hours Contract Workers Face £1,000 Annual "Pay Penalty", Report Finds

Almost 1 million zero-hours contract workers endure a 7% "pay penalty" compared with similar permanent roles, according to new research.

Uber, Deliveroo, And Asos Agency Workers Are United By A "Lack Of Rights", Report Claims

Businesses are using insecure working contracts to keep costs low at the expense of a "growing army" of workers who would rather be fully employed.

Inquiry Chair Wants To Question JD Sports Over Allegations Of Exploitative Working Conditions

An undercover Channel 4 News investigation has made a series of allegations about the company's Rochdale warehouse.

An "Evidence-Gathering Tour" Of UK Working Conditions Has Just Been Launched

The fact-finding mission, which begins in Maidstone, Coventry, and Glasgow, will form part of a government-commissioned report into the "gig economy".

Deliveroo Keeps Quiet On Union's Calls For Better Workers' Rights

The company is yet to respond to a letter from the IWGB union asking for a meeting to negotiate the rights of those who work for them.

Uber Drivers Win Right To Minimum Wage And Holiday Pay In UK

The decision could have huge ramifications for workers in the so-called gig economy.

MPs Launch Inquiry Into Workers' Rights And The "Gig Economy"

The business, energy, and industrial strategy committee has launched an inquiry following a series of media exposés about companies including Asos and Deliveroo.

Asos Sales Climb As It Hits Out At Allegations About Warehouse Working Conditions

The online fashion giant reported sales of £1.4 billion but did not directly address allegations uncovered by BuzzFeed News that it live-monitors staff and uses "exploitative" contracts.

Asos Drops Plans For Extra CCTV At Warehouse And Says It Doesn't "Pretend To Be Perfect”

"We are learning all the time," CEO Nick Beighton said in a statement following a BuzzFeed News investigation.

Asos Has Told Staff It Is Changing Contracts Following Workers' Allegations

The online fashion giant wrote to staff detailing changes after a BuzzFeed News investigation uncovered serious complaints from workers about working practices.

Deliveroo Riders Reveal The Harsh Realities Of The Gig Economy

The food delivery app's "self-employed" workers told BuzzFeed News they are driving its growth with little reward or security.

MPs To Examine Asos Working Practices After BuzzFeed News Investigation

Iain Wright, chair of the Commons business select committee, said it would now include the online fashion giant in a wider inquiry into modern working practices due in January.

These Asos Warehouse Workers Are Paying The True Price Of Your Order

Workers at Asos’s Barnsley warehouse say they work like machines. A BuzzFeed News investigation found allegations of exploitative contracts, a stringent security regime, and stressed workers at the heart of the online retailer's global fast-fashion empire.

Government Asks HMRC To Investigate Courier Firm Hermes

The news follows months of allegations about the courier firm's treatment of employees.

Hermes Fired This Courier When His Wife Was Dying Of Cancer

The company has apologised to Peter Jamieson after he was fired while caring for his terminally ill wife, Patricia.

Hermes Couriers Say They Were Pressured By Bosses While Caring For Sick Relatives

A BuzzFeed News investigation has uncovered further allegations of mistreatment from workers at the under-fire delivery giant.

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