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23 Jokes That'll Make You LOL (Then Sob) If Your Parents Are Harassing You To Get Married

"Maybe 'Toh beta shaadi kab kar rahe ho?' is old people's 'Aur bata'."

These Instagram Messages Led To A Billboard Magazine Editor Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment

"He was trying to leverage his role as an editor at a massive magazine, to get himself off that night," Nik Thakkar told BuzzFeed News. "It’s manipulation. It’s orchestrated.”

13 Random Facts That'll Smack You Right In The Face

A single spaghetti noodle is called a spaghetto.


Only Adults Bad At Adulting Will Truly Understand These Jokes

"Adulthood is trying each of the same six passwords that you use for everything."


Here's Our First Proper Look At "Toy Story 4"

Why are there still three more months to wait until June 21?!

36 Insanely Geeky Tattoos

*Adds to tattoo wish list*

21 Jokes About Plants That Will Make You Love And Fear Them

*goes to store to buy a pot and walks out with 20 different plants*

12 Underrated Dating Apps You Need To Download ASAP

No more dick pics please, thanks.

This Photo Of Kourtney Kardashian Has Everyone Freaking Out About Photoshopping

"Your neck looks funny, you have a nipple on your wrist, and your leg melted off in the water."


17 Foods The Word Struggles To Believe That Brits Actually Eat

Maybe we do eat a little too much toast.

17 Pictures That Are As Impressive As They Are Gross

Turns out this is a thing everyone does.

Gwyneth Paltrow Explained Why She Used "Conscious Uncoupling" In Her Divorce Statement And Opened Up About The Backlash

"It felt like a layer of the world turning on us about saying, essentially, 'We just want to be nice to each other and stay a family.' It was brutal."

The Tories Have Been Forced To Act Over Anti-Muslim Comments From 25 Activists On Facebook

One man who has campaigned for the Conservatives posted a comment about killing Muslims in a mosque with a rifle.

18 Devastating Burns That People Have Had The Pleasure Of Hearing

Someone should start a gofundme to send these people some aloe vera.

13 Of The Funniest Messages From This Month (So Far)

"Whats the song called that goes like this...dun dun dun dun dun?"

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