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A favourite activity amongst cats is simply "existing".


Are you like the Queen or are you more Princess Charlotte?

Hanifah Rahman • 1 hour ago

"I’ll give you one chance at honesty. Did you insinuate my wife was a prostitute on the Plymouth Herald comments section?"

Why are changing rooms so unbelievably small?


Which one are you?

Choudary has just been freed from a UK prison halfway through a sentence for inciting support for ISIS. This is how he created the playbook for how extremists — including Tommy Robinson — operate in Britain.

From the massive caravan heading to the US from Central America to the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, these are the most striking pictures of the week.

From the set in Charleston, South Carolina, the cast and crew of Halloween told BuzzFeed News why the latest sequel had to ignore almost everything that came before it.

Chris Pratt comparing himself to a classic horror movie monster kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

Exclusive: After being told her baby would not survive the pregnancy, one woman told BuzzFeed News of her emotional struggle to access abortion away from her home country.

However much pumpkin you've had already, it's nowhere near enough.

From Elite to Suburra, this is the time to get into dramas. Just turn off the dubbing and put down your phone, okay?

*Googles cafeastrology natal chart calculator.*

Following days of pressure, the UK government said it was "not the right time" for the international trade secretary to go to Saudi Arabia.

As soon as I finish lunch I think about dinner.


Now's your chance to play along with the band and find out which member ~you're~ most similar to...

Why do ~the most~ when you can do the least?

The Streatham MP said he would be spending 12 hours per month on his work for Progressive Centre UK. That equates to £451 an hour.


Would you watch a Friends revamp?


Everyone should learn a second (or third, or fourth!) language.

For when you can't sit through all 10 episodes by October 19.

Attorney general Geoffrey Cox is being credited with blowing up Theresa May's Brexit deal, and yet also keeping her in Number 10.


Are they the avocado to your toast?

"You will be so scared that you won’t know what to do."


The opening and closing shots are all you need, right?

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