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Nominees have to tell the Senate Judiciary Committee about “published writings.” Some disclose Twitter and Facebook accounts. Others don’t.


When you're here, you're dating.

Audrey Worboys • 1 hour ago

The timing of Facebook's announcement throws into question how serious the company is about actually fighting misinformation in Brazil's election.

It's absurd that Facebook thinks it can define what is “legitimate" news, given its well-documented abuses of power and invasions of privacy.

“It is clear that information operations and coordinated inauthentic behavior will not cease,” Twitter said in a new blog post.

"Denver does not remember liking some of these pages or being a part of these groups," a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News about the Republican candidate's current and former "likes" of racist, sexist, and trollish Facebook groups.


“We have a responsibility to protect your information," Mark Zuckerberg said in March. "If we can’t, we don’t deserve it."

A new security notice returns different results depending on your account's level of exposure.

The attack, detected in late September, exposed some users’ emails and phone numbers, as well as profile information including gender, location, birth date, and recent search history.

Zwei Tage vor der Bayernwahl hat die Polizei im Zusammenhang mit dieser Aktion mehrere Wohnungen durchsucht.

„Das war natürlich polemisch gemeint“, sagt der AfD-Politiker gegenüber BuzzFeed News.

The inspector-general of intelligence and security said there's nothing to stop a tech company from being coerced into making a backdoor on its encrypted communications.

Facebook knows us well enough to know the truth: We don’t care enough about our privacy to stop using it.

The US tech company has promised action after experts criticized it for not doing enough to prevent abuse on its platform in key growth markets.

“Computers and smartphones and the internet are everywhere, so you can’t run from it for very long,” John, a technology addict in recovery, told me. For more on this story, watch the new BuzzFeed News series Follow This on Netflix.

Carole Cadwalladr hired lawyers to threaten action against her broadcast partner and fell out with the New York Times and BBC in rows over access to sources.

“Jilly juice” creator Jillian Epperly has received a formal warning from the FTC, five months after Ohio authorities demanded that she send them proof of her claims.

🎵 Siiiiiilent night, hooooOOOOOOOOoooowly night 🎵

Want to use your Spotify account without a Facebook log-in? Officially, you probably can’t — but there's a workaround.

„In der Klasse meiner Tochter gibt es viele Linkshänder. Wie sollen die denn mal den rechten Arm korrekt benutzen können? Tun Sie was!”

Government hearings in Singapore put Facebook under intense scrutiny and have paved the way for a new fake news law in the country. That has human rights organizations and activists concerned.

Facebook still has no idea who the attackers are.

"It’s important to say — the attackers could use the account as if they are the account holder."

The embattled social network discussed enforcing individualized, region-specific policies after learning about cultural differences that make certain countries particularly vulnerable.

Facebook said the pages were managed by a fake account and were spamming content from LifeZette, a conservative site.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions invited 24 states to send representatives to a meeting to discuss a possible antitrust action against Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Lawyer Mark Randazza is a free speech crusader for some of the internet's vilest characters, who have run afoul of social networks. Is he fighting for a time-tested principle, or an American dogma that has run its course?

The legislation was introduced into parliament just 10 days after consultation ended, and not all submissions have been made public.

The Act.IL app paints itself as a grassroots initiative, but one expert calls it "advanced digital political astroturfing."

Exclusive: BuzzFeed News has obtained details of plans being drawn up by ministers that also include a compulsory code of conduct and age verification for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission allege Facebook and 10 other employers hid job ads on the social media platform from women.

"For the past year and a half a FORMER team member has been the only one with access to the account," the rapper tweeted.

Wir lassen uns auf die Finger schauen. Und wir antworten auf Fragen derer, die in Journalisten nur die „Lügenpresse“ sehen.

Attorneys general from California, Louisiana, and Texas are attending, those states have told BuzzFeed News.

The post says the execution of Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, a high-profile critic of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, is “fun to think about.”


"Abuela, NO!!!"

A group representing Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others has slammed the Australian government's draft encryption legislation.

Copyrighted trial exams, abusive Facebook posts, fake Google reviews ... and a court case.

Millionen Deutsche folgen Facebook-Seiten wie „Unnützes Wissen“ oder „Kinder der 90er“. Die nutzt Ströer, um Inhalte von Bild, Bunte oder Bento zu verbreiten.

Apple's App Store guidelines for developers forbid apps with "content that is offensive, insensitive, upsetting, intended to disgust, or in exceptionally poor taste."

Federal prosecutors say a Las Vegas man used social media apps to force hundreds of teen girls into sending him sexually explicit photos.

"We were seduced, we were lured, we were hooked, and then, when we became captive audiences, we were manipulated to see what other people — people with vested interests and evil motives of power and domination — wanted us to see."


Time flies when you're staring at a screen!

The company's explanation comes as the UK government thinks about new laws to curb online abuse of politicians.

"It shouldn't always be up to the victims to identify and report each and individual threat," said Faruqi.

„Es kann nicht sein, dass Sachsen immer noch schläft – zumindest die Normalen“


History is told by the survivors. Which survivor are you?

If you have an Instagram account, you’ll want to enable two-factor authentication via app, a new feature rolling out to all users “in the coming weeks.”

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