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I Got A Text From A Russian Wanted By The FBI About Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry

“DC does not give a shit about Ukraine. It is a tool in their political fight. An object. A dildo with which Dems and GOP fuck each other,” Konstantin Kilimnik told BuzzFeed News.

Christopher Miller 5 days ago
Christopher Miller 13 days ago

Yulia Tymoshenko's Been In Many Scandals Before. Now She Might Be Roped Into Trump's Impeachment Inquiry.

If a former Ukrainian prosecutor's claims are true, the meeting was arranged via a DC lobbyist whose name has popped up in the impeachment inquiry.

Christopher Miller 15 days ago

There’s A Village In Ukraine Where Rudy Giuliani Is The Honorary Mayor. That’s Not The Weird Part Of This Story.

Financial documents show that two associates of Rudy Giuliani's also made a donation of $25,000 that appears to have bought them access to conservative figures.

Christopher Miller 25 days ago

Here's A New Name For You In The Growing Impeachment Scandal

Gyunduz Mamedov was an intermediary in Giuliani’s efforts to press Ukraine to open investigations into Joe Biden. Last Friday he was named Ukraine's deputy prosecutor general.

Aubrey Belford 27 days ago

Trump Said His Former Ambassador To Ukraine Was "Bad News." Now She’s Due To Testify To Congress.

Marie Yovanovitch was described by those who worked with her as a diplomat’s diplomat. But her early recall from her post in Ukraine has raised questions she's due to answer before Congress.

Christopher Miller One month ago

The Top US Diplomat In Ukraine Was Skeptical Of Trump. Then Came His “Nightmare Scenario.”

Those close to William “Bill” Taylor say they aren’t surprised he pushed back on colleagues who discussed pressuring Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden.

Christopher Miller One month ago

The Former Special Envoy To Ukraine Told Congress That Trump’s Biden Conspiracy “Has No Credibility To Me"

Kurt Volker, the former special envoy to Ukraine, also told Congress "at no time" did he take part in an effort to investigate Joe Biden, according to remarks obtained by BuzzFeed News.

Christopher Miller One month ago

Ukraine Was Still Checking Its Bank Account For US Aid For A Month After The Trump Call

Ukraine believed $391 million in military aid was already on its way to Kiev when Trump and Zelensky spoke, three officials told BuzzFeed News.

Christopher Miller One month ago

Trump Didn’t Explicitly Threaten To Withhold Military Aid In His Call With Ukraine’s President. He Didn't Have To.

Support from the US is key to Ukraine, both in a practical sense and as a signal to Russia. Ukraine didn't need the reminder.

Miriam Elder One month ago