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Facebook Is Changing Its Name To Meta, And People Have Some Strong — And Hilarious — Feelings About It

"This all happened because Mark Zuckerberg never meta girl until college."

Facebook just announced that they'll be changing their name to "Meta." In a virtual meeting about the corporation's future, Mark Zuckerberg said he hopes they can eventually be seen as a "metaverse company."

This rebranding comes after a wave of scrutiny toward the company for its alleged spread of hate speech and misinformation. So, as you can probably imagine, the internet has some thoughts. Here are 15 tweets that sum up people's reactions:


this all happened because zuckerberg never meta girl until college

Twitter: @BrandyLJensen


meta world peace vs. meta world war

ASSOCIATED PRESS / Twitter: @jrdnvns


The team behind the Facebook's name change to Meta

Photograph by Peter Kramer/HBO / Twitter: @LightsCameraPod


Anagram of Facebook Meta is Backfat Emo, which isn’t any worse as a name

Twitter: @JimMFelton


Twitter: @dannywallace


Facebook rebranding for no reason not a single soul gonna call it "Meta"

Twitter: @CrypticNoHoes


How to fix a company: simply change your name #Facebook #Meta

Twitter: @itsjackoconnor


Introducing Meta: the lifelike manboy that knows over 100 human words!

Twitter: @TheRealHoarse


Back in my day we called it Facebook, not Meta.

Twitter: @MeAloneInMyMind


Meta Met Me Methinks that Facebook is using a fancy new name to cover up its history of exploring consumer data

Twitter: @ParikPatelCFA


Haven't meta person recently who still uses Facebook.

Twitter: @harryhurst


ah "meta" as in "metastatic," got it, no notes

Twitter: @delia_cai


Zuck has a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's on the bookshelf as he announces Facebook's rebrand to Meta If this isn't proof we are in a simulation idk what is

Twitter: @MYSTIC7


Facebook really should have stuck with their original design for the meta logo:

Twitter: @libshipwreck


He could also legally change his name to Jason Momoa, but the truth remains the same. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Meta.

Twitter: @lindarchilders

What do you think about the name change? Let us know in the comments 😏.