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    Listen: How Do I Tell My New Partner I’m A Sex Worker?

    “To be 1000% clear here, your partner absolutely does not have a right to ask you to stop doing sex work. Nor does he have the right to denigrate you or denigrate the labor you do.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. Stephen LaConte joined us today for our favorite segments: DM911. Stephen keeps his DM's open on Twitter and Instagram so he can give advice to all of you.

    Today, we’re giving advice to a girl who liked a guy on tinder 1,500 miles away, a person who wants to tell her boyfriend she’s a sex worker but doesn’t know how, and a woman whose husband has cut off all contact with his mother.

    2. There’s a report that Britney Spears maybe wants to do one, and only one, interview.

    3. Instagram? For kids? It’s happening.

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