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    Listen: Gen Z Is Bringing Back Y2K Fashion — But It’s Different This Time

    “When I was a teenager, low-rise was all there was. At the Gap, Limited Too. That was the only option.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. As the world opens back up, it’s time to get dressed again. But fashion is looking a little different, yet somehow still familiar. That’s because Y2K fashion is back with a vengeance, and all those tube tops, cargo pants, and trucker hats you’re seeing everywhere...are just the beginning.

    Today we delved into why even the dreaded low-rise jeans may be making a comeback, with BuzzFeed News Senior Culture Writer and Editor Shannon Keating.

    2. Ryan Reynolds is opening up about his anxiety.

    Ryan Reynolds in a suit and tie

    3. Florida plans to fine social media platforms that ban political candidates.

    Florida Gov.  Ron DeSantis gestures at the podium

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