Listen: No, Your Phone Can’t Hear You — But Here's How It Gets Your Data Anyway

    “I think people feel powerless over their individual ability to change this big system. In many ways it feels like ‘I’m too far gone now. I’ve had a Facebook profile for years. If I delete it, they’re still going to hold on to all the data. What difference does it make?’”

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    On today's episode:

    1. We recently stumbled upon a tweet thread that shook the BuzzFeed Daily team to its very core. Robert G. Reeve, a privacy advocate, and content strategist, basically confirmed what we all knew — that our devices are always watching us. We just didn’t realize how often. It was a cautionary tale that all began with his mother’s toothpaste.

    Basically, after a week-long visit with his mom, all of a sudden Robert started getting ads on his phone for her specific toothpaste brand. The problem is, he never googled the toothpaste once. So how could his phone possibly know his mom’s toothpaste brand?

    (No, our phones can’t actually hear us. But what’s actually going on with your data might freak you out even more.)

    2. The Director of Loki confirmed the character is genderfluid.

    3. Dove Cameron explained why the live-action Powerpuff Girls pilot is being re-shot.

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