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    Listen: We Shouldn’t Have To Replace Our Phones So Often, And News Law Could Help

    “That also means that a company like Apple isn’t going to profit as much from an upgrade cycle, which is part of the reason that they fight against this stuff.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. There are two kinds of people out there. Those of us that must have the newest and fastest phones and tablets the second they come out. And those of us that will ride our existing tech into the ground, using our iPhones until the screens are cracked and broken, and we are no longer eligible for upgrades. But at the end of the day--we all buy new devices eventually. Because we’re forced--because the companies want us to buy new instead of repairing old.

    And yes, that means we’re suckered into spending extra money--but guess what, all of that old tech has to go somewhere, usually a landfill. And it’s really bad for the environment. But there are some places that are enacting new laws that give consumers the right to repair their devices. Today we talked about this with Damon Beres. He recently wrote the essay “Your Smartphone Should Be Built to Last” for the New York Times.

    2. Rocket debris is going to come crashing to Earth sometime this weekend.

    3. Facebook is scrambling to keep Starbucks from leaving the platform over hate speech.

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