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Amber Heard

Johnny Depp’s Team Responded To Rumors That He’s Set To Reprise His Role As Captain Jack Sparrow In A New “Pirates Of The Caribbean” Film After Winning The Defamation Case Against Amber Heard

A recent report claimed that Disney offered Depp upwards of $300 million to reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow, four years after he was axed from the franchise when Heard alleged that he’d abused her.

Johnny Depp Is Selling An NFT That Brands His Daughter Lily-Rose Depp “Cunning” And Seemingly Calls Out Her “Silence” After She Was Trolled For Not Publicly Supporting Him During The Amber Heard Trial

The actor has created artwork of people he knows that is described as being “an intimate reflection of their character in Johnny's eyes; a portrayal of how they have revealed themselves to him.”

7 Insanely Inventive Movies You Have To See To Believe

The just-wrapped Toronto International Film Festival is where many Oscar hopefuls launch campaigns. But it's also an excellent platform to discover movies that are wildly different from anything you might see in the multiplex.

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