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Doja Cat Poked Fun At Amber Heard's "My Dog Stepped On A Bee" Court Testimony Moment And People Weren't Cool With It

Probably not her best TikTok...

Doja Cat was caught mocking Amber Heard's court testimony from the Johnny Depp trial — and people really weren't okay with it.

A closeup of Doja

In a now-deleted TikTok, Doja explained that her new dog stepped on a bee over the weekend, similar to a moment Amber recalled during her testimony.

Doja Cat mimics Amber Heard’s “my dog stepped on a bee” court testimony in new TikTok.

Twitter: @popcrave

In the midst of a painful testimony regarding sexual assault shared during the trial, Amber had winced while speaking about her dog.

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youtube.com / Via youtube.com

When Doja shared the story of her own dog, she imitated Amber's wince, prompting a lot of backlash from followers.

Doja closes her eyes and winces

Despite the fact that many other TikTok users had also imitated Amber in a viral trend, viewers condemned Doja for doing so on such a large platform:

doja cat mocking amber heard talking about the sexual assault she went through is so disgusting like she knows she has a platform that many young women follow her on and this is what she does with it? i am literally so disappointed

@yerigatekeeper / Via Twitter: @yerigatekeeper

doja cat mocking amber heard is like actually disgusting… like it makes me sick to my stomach that she not only did it on tik tok but was doing it on instagram live today… it’s just genuinely sick and i’m praying for amber and her well being she doesn’t deserve any of this.

@lighttmylove / Via Twitter: @lighttmylove

doja cat will work with dr luke, message an underage stranger things cast member to hook her up with his cast mate who is pushing 30, and now she mocks amber heard’s sexual assault testimony. absolute garbage person. https://t.co/Yl64oS6tSH

@mariannereading / Via Twitter: @mariannereading

Doja cat making fun of Amber heard's SA testimony...she's really like an incel it's crazy

@Seiolfur / Via Twitter: @Seiolfur

amber heard jokes fill me with rage. @DojaCat you’re pathetic for that

@muglerrized / Via Twitter: @muglerrized

Doja has also recently come under fire as some fans called her out for DM'ing 17-year-old Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp, asking him to hook her up with his costar Joseph Quinn.

A closeup of Doja

Doja has not yet spoken out about either of the controversies, although she did remove the video mocking Amber.

A closeup of Doja

If you or someone you know have experienced sexual assault, you can call the ​National Sexual Assault Hotline​ at 1-800-656-HOPE, which routes the caller to their nearest sexual assault service provider. You can also search your local center ​here​.