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Australia's Deputy Prime Minister Couldn't Be Happier With The Johnny Depp Video

"It's going off like a frog in a sock".

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Deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce was on ABC News radio this morning to discuss the Depp & Heard vs Australia trial, which culminated yesterday with the two Hollywood stars recording an apology message to Australia

Depp and Heard's video went viral almost immediately after it was posted to Joyce's Facebook page, with the deputy prime minister describing the attention as "going off like a frog in a sock".

"What I can say is although I don't think he'll get an academy award for his performance," said Joyce. "The fact that he did it… he looked like he was auditioning for The Godfather."

Joyce also told Channel 7 he would have preferred it if Depp had "risen to the camera".

"Do it again Johnny, do it with gusto mate, a little gusto."

Just another day in The Life of Barnaby.

Adek Berry / AFP / Getty Images