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Best Travel Podcasts For 2017

Need travel tips, advice, or inspiration? Here's a list to help you find some of the best travel podcasts worth binging on right now. Topping the list is Go the Travel Podcast.

Just Saying

A thank you to BuzzFeed.

My Second Grade Journal

In September of 1991, I started the second grade. A running assignment throughout the school year was a journal in which we had to write a few sentences and a draw an illustration. Here are some highlights. [Ed. note: this is part of our keepsake show and tell project!]

Picasso Goat

This is the cover of my preschool's Christmas pageant program. All of the kids were asked to draw the character they were playing in the pageant, and the "best" drawing got to be on the cover of all the programs. Somehow, my drawing "won". I'm really curious how bad the other drawings had to be in order for this thing to win. Though, looking at it now, it's almost Picasso-esque. Or, you know, maybe I just confused a goat with a really messed up version of Mr. Potato Head. Either way!

Awesome Celebrity Drawings

Some of the best celebrity portraits and other stuff I drew when I was a kid. [This is part of our keepsake show and tell project, which you should participate in!]

12 Things You'll Never Get to See

My friend Sean and I compiled a list to show you what you will miss if (and when) the world ends on December 22, 2012. Of course this list doesn't include the things you are already not experiencing, because you are at home/work. Reading this. Geez, get a life.

JustIN TIMEberlake

The title of Justin Timberlake's new crappy movie, IN TIME, fits almost perfectly with his name.

How To Get The Most Out Of BuzzFeed

I wrote up a quick intro to BuzzFeed for some of my social media friends who are wanting to get started here, but I'm a bit rusty these days, so would love it if some BuzzFeed pros could chime in.

The Bluest Blue... the TARDIS!

Big and little at the same time. Brand new and ancient, and the bluest blue ever. And the times we had, eh? Would've had. Never had. Just some Doctor Who fan art I made. I hope you like it!

Another Buzzfeed Placement Win

Gwyneth Paltrow's looking pretty sharp. I wonder where she got that suit.

Quiz: Rodent Or No-Dent?

I don't know when the hell the last time there was a quiz on BuzzFeed, so here's my shot at bringing it back. Today's quiz is Rodent or No-Dent. Simple Quiz: Just answer 'yes' or 'no' to whether you think the following animals are rodents. (Info via Mentalfloss)

The '90s In A Nutshell

As far as I can tell, this is about as '90s as it gets.

Thor Fist Pump!

Gotta get that Geeky badge somehow...

Inglourious Ponies

Once upon a time in Nazi-occupied-Equestria ...

Well Played, Buzzfeed

Looks like the first poster there is already lowering his blood pressure...

127 Seconds (127 Hours With A Cat)

A lone feline becomes trapped in the couch while frolicking alone in the house and copes with minor annoyance while struggling to survive.

The Portal.

I can't even get a cup of coffee without all hell breaking loose!!

(Ed. note: Why? What is this? Help!)

Hi, friends in BuzzFeed... I spent about one hour to make this garbage, hope you will like it. Thanks!

Mukaroons: Gorillas

A short song ad-libbed by my 3 year old daughter then turned in to an animated skit by us.

Tic Tac Dominoes

It takes me 2 days just to setup and play one game of tic-tac-toe.

For The First Time

How many harmonies can you fit in one YouTube video?

Cupcakes A-Z, Part 2

Twenty-six more cupcakes representing every letter of the alphabet.


The holidays are glistening with such wonderful holidays treats! Reminds me of childhood!

Actual Minimalism

Hey, no worries: These pieces weren't made by art students trying to be witty and original. [Ed. note: It's about time we had a graphic design minimalism backlash!]

How To Succeed On BuzzFeed

Though it is hard to predict what will go viral on the internet, there are a few tricks that every BuzzFeeder should know.

BuzzFeed Paints A Scary Picture

Thanks a lot BuzzFeed. Now every time I see Glenn Beck I'm going to picture him naked with a large sack. EW.

Girl in a Box

Caught this on my lunch break. She was eating a Popsicle and waiting for her mom.

Murmansk, the Coolest Place On Earth

Googling 'Murmansk', i discovered this must be the coolest place on earth!

Matt Stopera

Give us some tips on how to become a Buzzfeed God.

Dr. Mario Quilt

Just finished my Dr. Mario quilt!

I'm Giving Away My Viral Wars Prize

I'll give away my Viral Wars prize (should I manage to win one) to any person who I don't know outside the internet (no friends, relatives, or my alternate buzzfeed accounts in other words) who does one of the following two things - 1. Gives me the working concept for a post which makes my top position in the viral wars contest, or failing that - 2. gives my top viral wars post the most viral boost. More complete details on how the top assister will be determined are here. Double your chances of winning!

Cupcakes A-Z

What's better than one cupcake? Twenty-six cupcakes representing every letter of the alphabet.

Titanic 3D!

With the unexpected success of Piranha 3D (Piranha 3D 2 -try saying that 5 times fast- on its way) Studios are up for anything these days! Enter Titanic: 3D! Hot off the heels of Titanic II, A deadly solar flare knocks an Ice Planet hurdling right into the path of the U.S.S.2.0 T1T@N1C during its maiden voyage. Their only hope lies within R.O.S.E. (Robot Operating System w/ Emotions) Infused with the memories of Titanic survivor Rose Dawson, she'll stop at nothing to save the ship! I will definitely see this! Will you?!

Bieber's Our Generation's.......

Let's be honest, there are way better misunderstood artists we'd compare Bieber to before the outplayed Kurt Cobain. They are.....

The Peckerwood Sessions [NSFW]

[Ed. note: The audio sex diaries of a 53-year-old San Francisco man in the '90s. Enjoy.] One day I bought a tapedeck from a guy with PECKERWOOD tattooed across his neck. He was selling junk on the side of Market street in San Francisco. This cassette was in the deck. The original is over 60 minutes but this is a shorter mega-mix I made. Enjoy? Read some more here.

Star Wars Dance Party

My friend's 30th birthday party was a Star Wars themed dance party at a local bar. People went all out and we had a stormtrooper checking ID's at the door. Click image for the rest of the pictures!

Happy Birthday, Turtle!

The turtle that co-runs turtlefeed with me turns one year old on September 22! I tried to surprise him, but he ended up surprising me.


A TARDIS built from Lego and powered by an Arduino to flash the landing light and play the Doctor Who theme.

The Cats of Jersey Shore

What happens when you replace the cast of Jersey Shore with cats? [Jack's note: Awesome things happen, is what. For one thing, I would start watching this show.] (Via.)

Young Ryan Seacrest On 90210

The embarrassing part of catching a rare clip of Ryan Seacrest in the wild is that I've just outed myself for spending this beautiful afternoon watching 90210 reruns on Soap Net. This admission is worth it for his frosted tips alone. via Gawker.TV

Cats Eating Their Way Through The Alphabet: A-Z

Cats eating cat food? Not so cute. Cats eating people food? Cutest thing ever! Come with us on a fantastic voyage through feline culinary delight. Here is an ultimate collection of cats eating foods representing every letter of the alphabet: Avocado through Zucchini. ((Via).)

Dave Chapelle Took My Camcorder

In 2001… I was in a small comedy club in NY. Dave Chapelle (who was not part of the line up) decides to do some stand-up using my camcorder.

A Hillside Just Proposed To Me

A random dude just messaged me, and I felt like sharing. Anybody got a clever comeback to message him back with before I block him?

Katy Perry "California Gurls" to Squirrels Official Parody Music Video

California Gurls "California Squirrels Parody Music video. This is part of our official parody music video that we are currently working on. All instruments, drums, and effects were created by us using Mixcraft 5.1 audio / video editor and a keyboard. All vocals performed by us as well. This is supposed to be a spoof video so of course our singing is not going to be up to standards or a regular music video.

I Cannot Unsee Darth Vader On Facebook

Darth Vader is so iconic that i think of him before thinking it's a womens haircut. Luke is just a bonus.


Tetris wedding cake! Featured on Embrace Your Geekness! The tetrominoes were chocolate, vanilla, spice and banana! Made by Jemmie Baking Co. Milwaukee, WI.

Stunning Stop Motion Graffiti

Big Bang Big Boom. Italian artist Blu shows us the beginning and the end of the world. Prepare to be mesmerized.

Basil Slides Down the Hill

Allie's dog basil slides down the hill at the end of every walk, Rain,sun or snow!

In Light of Recent BP Events...

I feel the need to remind everyone about a wonderful book (my favorite when I was a kid!) that dealt with the Exxon-Valdez spill. It is obviously relevant to this current oil spill. They had an entire line of books written and illustrated by kids (one of which was called 'Life in the Ghetto'.). I owned almost all of them and am sorely disappointed that I decided to sell them =[

I Win.

Guess who's cooler than that turtle-hater Justin Bieber?

The Sound of Music - Starring ME

A friend of mine recently visited Salzburg and decided to recreate some scenes from "The Sound of Music". Here are the amazing results along with her commentary.

Drive. Ride. Switch.

This is my brother's most amazing video. Car dancing has never looked so cool! 24 wardrobe changes, 5 hours, 1 mascot costume. Thanks to The Cure for making music we can dance to. The Cure - Close to Me. Pass it on if you had fun.

Stop Killing Turtles at Live Food Markets

American Tortoise Rescue is gathering signatures from people who wish to maintain the ban on importing live turtles to California as food. The petition condemns the treatment of turtles in live food markets and the environmental impact of harvesting wild turtles. If you want to help, sign the petition, send it to your friends, and email the California Fish & Game Commission ( to let them know that you want the ban to stay in place!

Venus Over the Moon

my husband took this photo outside our house. apparently the huge star is Venus seen over the moon. :)

Hipsters Can't...

Google proves what I've always suspected. :(

Floor Cleaning Kibble Dance

I know you were thinking it. Now you can feast your eyes on it. Click through to watch the dance-off.

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