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13 coisas que psicólogos gostariam de dizer a pessoas LGBTQ

Nenhum tratamento psicológico será capaz de "curar" a sexualidade de ninguém.

Best Travel Podcasts For 2017

Need travel tips, advice, or inspiration? Here's a list to help you find some of the best travel podcasts worth binging on right now. Topping the list is Go the Travel Podcast.

So sah die Welt aus, als Inka Bause noch DDR-Schlagerstar war

Es gab weder Facebook noch Reality-TV.

Das ultimative Ossi-Trinkspiel zum Tag der deutschen Einheit

Hast Du genug von den dummen Fragen und Kommentaren Deiner ignoranten Wessi-Freunde? Du willst nicht mehr über Bananen und Soli reden? Dann haben wir hier das ultimative Trinkspiel für Dich!

11 Suppenrezepte, die Du lieben wirst, wenn Du kochen hasst

Wer denkt, dass Suppen langweilig sind, hat keine Ahnung.

Just Saying

A thank you to BuzzFeed.

Reasons Why I Would Make A Post Like This For Anika's Birthday

Happy birthday Neeks! You know I love you, so just thought I'd put this little something together for you. Have a wonderful 19th birthday babe! Love always, Nikssss

14 Movies Made Better With Pie

Because everything is better with pie. Happy Pi Day!

Are You Broad City's Abbi Or Ilana?

As in, are you cleaning a toilet or sleeping on one?

15 Steps To Schooling A Basic Bitch (with Help From Beyoncé, Naomi, The Queen And Mariah)

'Tis the season to tell a bitch the truth about her/himself.

14 Thoughts I Have As A BuzzFeed Community Contributer

Because I still don't understand how Social Lift works.

What Fall Activity Should You Do This Weekend?

It's not all pumpkin spice...

The 20 Stages Of Writing A BuzzFeed List

It's not all funny GIFs and memes, y'know! (Actually it is.)

The 17 Best "Free Ideas" Offered By Evan McMorris-Santoro On Twitter

Evan likes to make "free idea jokes." Here are 17 of his best (worst?).

My Second Grade Journal

In September of 1991, I started the second grade. A running assignment throughout the school year was a journal in which we had to write a few sentences and a draw an illustration. Here are some highlights. [Ed. note: this is part of our keepsake show and tell project!]

Picasso Goat

This is the cover of my preschool's Christmas pageant program. All of the kids were asked to draw the character they were playing in the pageant, and the "best" drawing got to be on the cover of all the programs. Somehow, my drawing "won". I'm really curious how bad the other drawings had to be in order for this thing to win. Though, looking at it now, it's almost Picasso-esque. Or, you know, maybe I just confused a goat with a really messed up version of Mr. Potato Head. Either way!

Awesome Celebrity Drawings

Some of the best celebrity portraits and other stuff I drew when I was a kid. [This is part of our keepsake show and tell project, which you should participate in!]



Buzzfeed's What's Hot Thumbnails Get Turned Into an Animated .gif

I was bored, so I turned Buzzfeed's top What's Hot image thumbnails into an animated .gif which I think is a good representation of Buzzfeed :P

12 Things You'll Never Get to See

My friend Sean and I compiled a list to show you what you will miss if (and when) the world ends on December 22, 2012. Of course this list doesn't include the things you are already not experiencing, because you are at home/work. Reading this. Geez, get a life.

JustIN TIMEberlake

The title of Justin Timberlake's new crappy movie, IN TIME, fits almost perfectly with his name.

Ninja Nose, in Technicolor

After seeing the post about the greatest Tumblr of all time, we had to see it in color for full effect.

How To Get The Most Out Of BuzzFeed

I wrote up a quick intro to BuzzFeed for some of my social media friends who are wanting to get started here, but I'm a bit rusty these days, so would love it if some BuzzFeed pros could chime in.

The Bluest Blue... the TARDIS!

Big and little at the same time. Brand new and ancient, and the bluest blue ever. And the times we had, eh? Would've had. Never had. Just some Doctor Who fan art I made. I hope you like it!

Congrats Buzzfeed! You Know You've Made It When You Start Getting Banned.

My work blocked Buzzfeed!!! My work doesn't block ANYTHING! Porn, social networks, Reddit, all still working... just not BUZZFEED. IT department denies it of course. This is tragic... very tragic indeed.

Another Buzzfeed Placement Win

Gwyneth Paltrow's looking pretty sharp. I wonder where she got that suit.

Quiz: Rodent Or No-Dent?

I don't know when the hell the last time there was a quiz on BuzzFeed, so here's my shot at bringing it back. Today's quiz is Rodent or No-Dent. Simple Quiz: Just answer 'yes' or 'no' to whether you think the following animals are rodents. (Info via Mentalfloss)

The '90s In A Nutshell

As far as I can tell, this is about as '90s as it gets.

It's the End of the World As We Know It. (and I Feel Fine)

Given that today is the day of the supposed Rapture, I felt that this song would be appropriate to post. Hell, If I die, I'm going out rocking.

Pro Wrestling Art Made With MS Paint!

All of this art I made entirely with MS Paint.

Bristol Palin Has Crazy Eyes

From the top posts on BuzzFeed

The Perfect Frontpage Juxtaposition

Sometimes the Fates just line things up perfectly.

Thor Fist Pump!

Gotta get that Geeky badge somehow...

Inglourious Ponies

Once upon a time in Nazi-occupied-Equestria ...

How To Make An Eye Of Sauron Costume

I made this costume for a LOTR themed party at a hobbit home and figured I'd share.

Well Played, Buzzfeed

Looks like the first poster there is already lowering his blood pressure...

Charlie Sheen "Winning" Badge Gets Perfect Placement On Buzzfeed

The Winning badge covers Charlie's face. Fortunately, it also IS Charlie's face.

127 Seconds (127 Hours With A Cat)

A lone feline becomes trapped in the couch while frolicking alone in the house and copes with minor annoyance while struggling to survive.

Hasan Baba Dances To Lotus Flower

TAKE THAT, THOM YORKE! (Context. Also, all this stuff.)

The Portal.

I can't even get a cup of coffee without all hell breaking loose!!

(Ed. note: Why? What is this? Help!)

Hi, friends in BuzzFeed... I spent about one hour to make this garbage, hope you will like it. Thanks!

Mukaroons: Gorillas

A short song ad-libbed by my 3 year old daughter then turned in to an animated skit by us.

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