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Cat Taking It Easy

got one chill cat

detenbeck 7 years ago

Bus Driver Simulator

i've always wanted to know how i can live the dream and now there's a simulator to fulfill all your bus driving desires.

detenbeck 8 years ago

Batter Blaster

I saw this at the grocery store and didnt even need to think twice about buying it. video says all.

detenbeck 8 years ago

Sky Dome ...Share the Dream

Wow! I get a 1" white square and a chocolate coin, best gift ever!

detenbeck 8 years ago

Grasshoppers, Anyone?

I got this as a gift from a friend when he went to Mexico... roasted and spiced.

detenbeck 8 years ago

How To Make An Eye Of Sauron Costume

I made this costume for a LOTR themed party at a hobbit home and figured I'd share.

detenbeck 8 years ago