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Totoro cupcakes!

Cupcakes made entirely from scratch, right down to the adorable fondant Totoros!

ally_b 6 years ago

Birthday cake!

A birthday cake I made for a friend. Dark chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting, chocolate glaze and sprinkles!

ally_b 6 years ago

Picasso Goat

This is the cover of my preschool's Christmas pageant program. All of the kids were asked to draw the character they were playing in the pageant, and the "best" drawing got to be on the cover of all the programs. Somehow, my drawing "won". I'm really curious how bad the other drawings had to be in order for this thing to win. Though, looking at it now, it's almost Picasso-esque. Or, you know, maybe I just confused a goat with a really messed up version of Mr. Potato Head. Either way!

ally_b 7 years ago


Tate deserves a treat because he is adorable, charming and funny!

ally_b 7 years ago


Oh you know, just watchin' some TV.

ally_b 7 years ago


I think he was trying to be the prize in my cereal box. Best one ever!!!!

ally_b 7 years ago