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How To Make An Eye Of Sauron Costume

I made this costume for a LOTR themed party at a hobbit home and figured I'd share.

  • 1.

    Paper mache balloon. balloon needs to be around 14' to fit your noggin. I did 4 layers of mache before i felt it was strong enough.

  • 2.

    spray on red to the outside and black on the inside.

  • 3.

    Use variations of red, orange, yellow and black spray paint to give flame look. it also helps to make a stencil to get nice flame streaks.

  • 4.

    make a stencil of the slit and cut it out Joey Gladstone style. Stretch stockings or whatever you got you can see through thats black on the inside of slit and glue it down. ( hardest part of the eye by far.)

  • 5.

    Buys some sweet spandex and party on.