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The McGurk Effect

This will work every time. Our brain is fantastically weird.

Haley Rose 9 years ago

Rand Paul Will Stomp On YOU!

Oh boy. Just a few days after the infamous stomping incident the Kentucky Democrats made this blistering ad.

Haley Rose 9 years ago

Lambada Nirvana

Well, this tops my list for unexpected mashups for the week. Who'd have thought Nirvana was so danceable? Ole!

Haley Rose 9 years ago

F*** You - Acapella!

Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You" performed by the Brown University Jabberwocks. I miss college.

Haley Rose 9 years ago

A Hillside Just Proposed To Me

A random dude just messaged me, and I felt like sharing. Anybody got a clever comeback to message him back with before I block him?

Haley Rose 9 years ago