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    23 Ways You Know You Went To College In Boston

    Love that dirty water. Oh, and beer.

    1. There were at least three people in your morning class with a Dunkin' Donuts cup.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: willsisti

    And if you didn't have time before class you probably spent the next hour looking at them longingly.

    2. Going to a basement party in Allston was a rite of passage.

    Creative Commons/ Flickr: dvanzuijlekom

    Welcome to the party, kids.

    3. There's a good chance your senior week consisted of going to a Red Sox Game.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: redjar

    And there's an even better chance you don't remember said game.

    4. You've definitely been to the St. Paddy's day parade in Southie...

    Creative Commons / Flickr: maleszyk

    5. ... And you probably showed up after it was over or you were too drunk to remember most of it.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: maleszyk

    6. Getting discounted tickets to sports games was one of your college's biggest perks.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: dougtone

    And watching everyone you knew fight over them in line was a small price to pay.

    7. You know that "The game's on," means you're drinking, whether you like sports or not.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: kayamercado

    And you could probably find a bar SOMEWHERE that was having a special.

    8. If you've been to a Harvard or MIT party, you know they do a hell of a lot more than just study.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: sackton

    There is a science to drinking, and these kids have it down.

    9. You've probably peed in public somewhere...

    Creative Commons / Flickr: adupnik

    Well, this looks like as good of a spot as any.

    10. ... And you might have thrown up on the T, too.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: ekilby

    *runs to a different train car*

    11. The inner tourist in you can't help but stop and listen to the live music in Faneuil Hall.

    Creative Commons: Flickr: billdamon

    *backs away slowly when performers ask for a volunteer to jump over*

    12. Your freshman year of college you probably went skating at Frog Pond or on a duck boat tour.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: mulad

    13. And you probably waited in line for Mike's Pastry.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: sackton

    So young. So naive.

    14. If you went out to the Fenway bars, you've drunkenly eaten one (or five) late night sausages.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: andrewmalone

    "Hi. I would like five sausages with everything on it."

    15. Your broke ass probably hit up Coogan's for dollar drafts on Thursday.

    And thought you were a big shot spending $6 to buy a round for all your friends.

    16. You know that dating is a lot easier when there are about 20 other schools within walking distance to cross-pollinate with.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: jirka_matousek

    Who cares if you went to Simmons? Northeastern is a 10 minute walk away.

    17. If you were in college when the late night T service started, you know it was a game changer for going out.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: viriyincy

    And you know that on Friday and Saturday it became a drunk tank after 11 p.m.

    18. You saved eating out in the North End for those wonderful visits from your parents.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: 47800690@N03

    19. You've definitely snuck onto the T one way or another.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: dan4th

    JK totally never did that. I'm a great law-abiding citizen, Boston PD.

    20. You've probably picked up furniture/gifts/things you don't need during September 1 (renter's Christmas).

    Creative Commons / Flickr: mlinksva

    Maybe with a little elbow grease this TV that's been in the rain for three days will work. You never know unless you try, right?

    21. You know that if it's above 60 degrees, you're walking home after you go out.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: shutterbc

    22. God forbid a sports team won a series during your time in college, because you probably weren't sober for days.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: vitorpamplona

    Bye world. Bye GPA.

    23. And finally, you know that Boston is the greatest city in the world – well, when it's above 20 degrees.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: sackton

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