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Common Sense Way To Deal With Freddy Krueger

Yes I drew this. No I can't draw. That's beside the point; which is, if you see Krueger you are dreaming. If you know you are dreaming you can control the dream.

The Chatroulette Song: Wiener

So... WE ALL KNOW that you only see wieners on Chatroulette. This is nothing new. I am not uncovering any mystery, but I couldn't resist doing this parody of "Winner" by Jamie Foxx, Justin Timberlake, T.I., and Timba - oh wait... it was just the first three. Anywho, I hope you enjoy.

Guacamole > Justice

A dramatic Judge Judy that will blow your Avocado lovin' mind!!

The V Tortoise

I need to get this energy drink for my turtles, I see. That tortoise looks like he's having a lot of fun!

Grandmaster B Bundy

Bud Bundy's VERY short lived hip-hop career included one song, and a "metal remix" of this wonderful gem. Swoon Marcy Darcy...SWOON!!

WTF Amazon?

Yes, I'm sure he's a nice kid and all, but taking up a recommendation slot that could be occupied by a trashy fantasy novel, graphic novel, or D&D book? Has Buzzfeed somehow infected me with Biberitis?

12 Evilest Pope Pictures

Pope Benedict XVI has been given a lot of flack lately, but in all of this it's important not to forget what the man is actually good at: looking absolutely bloodcurdlingly godawfully creepy. Here's a selection of some of Benny's greatest hits, did I forget any?

Are You Secretly a Panda?

Not only can pandas blend into their surroundings but they are also capable of shape shifting but can rarely control it. Stories have been told of pandas shape shifting into tigers and even trees. Many humans out there are actually pandas and don't know it, this quiz will help determine if you are in fact a panda. If you are a panda you should immediately turn yourself into the authorities.


Spilled some coffee cream at the ihop last night. It didnt make the face of Mary or anything important (that was on the toast), but it did eerily turn into a ghost. I think it was haunted cream.

Chatroulette Soulmates!

I was randomly on Chatroulette 1 day and this is what I encountered. Blue smiley face pillow soulmate for my yellow smiley face pillow. My life is complete now.

Fully Epic Rapsody, by the Fully Sick Rapper

It has now been 102 long days that Ive been here in the hospital all up, isolated with a case of Multi-Drug Resistant TB.... Yep... Still going... Is it normal if you want to eat your own leg? Thanks for watching my videos so far, you are all fully sick, but like, sick in the way that a good night out can be sick. For this most recent gangsta rap music video, I really wanted to do something that was out of control - so I enlisted the help of my brother. He is only able to come in for short visits here and there, for which he has to get masked up and wear protective gloves, but it was enough for us to be able to get fully sick and that with his digital handycam (hence the increase in video quality from my previous fully sick projects). In many countries of the world, people with Multi-Drug Resistant TB would be lucky to even receive medical attention whatsoever, so I fully stoked to be receiving the mad medical care that I am getting here in Australia. Even above and beyond this epic level of care, I am lucky in the sense that I have had access to some totally rad entertainment, which has kept me sane over the last 102 days (this level of sanity is open for debate). This new Youtube video is a Tribute to some of the DVDs that Ive watched to kill my time here in quarantine, and to make it a bit Hollywood my brother and I have used ANY AND EVERY fully sick special effect that we knew was in existence, to make this a truely epic RAPsody...

Gaga iPad Mash

This is an experiment to see if an image of Gaga wearing iPads will buzz.

Real Animals + Toy Animals

Ok, so I have this obsession with animals holding stuffed animals. This is my collection so far... do you have any to add? Bonus points for animals holding toys of the same species (because it makes them adorably stupid as well as just adorable).

Grease 2: A Look Back

Feeling really nostalgic while watching Grease: 2 on VH1! Let's reminisce, friends!

The Leno Commercial: Fixed!

Radiohead's Creep goes well with this, but I put the right Beatles song in the Leno commercial instead! Some songs that just missed the cut: The Fool on the Hill, Misery, Not a Second Time, Tell Me Why, and Don't Bother Me.

The Book of Arnold

Gary Coleman tries to rehabilitate his image by taking a gritty new role.

Cabin Fever

The snow is stomping on DC, and we're all going crazy with only our webcams for company.

Carly Fiorina Vs. Pink Floyd

Dude. There's this moment, like, 28 seconds in where my mind is just completely blown. It's like they wrote their music to sync up with this commercial, you know? [Context.]

Beating a Dead [Conan]

You know, NBC, there's such a thing as "adding insult to injury" and "beating a dead [Conan]." Why would you take Conan's pep talk from us, too?!

51 Things: The YouTube Meme That Never Dies

"51 Things Found In My Room" is a YouTube video blogging meme that currently has over 7,000 video responses. The meme consists of video bloggers showing off their precious possessions to a webcam while quirky music plays in the background. And that's it.

A New Coke Product!?

Not yet, but maybe they'll heed my visionary idea. I propose this be marketed to people who like extra pulpy OJ...or 'freaks' as they're more commonly known.

Disgruntled Chargers Fans Vent On Wikipedia

What's that you say? Nate Kaeding is both a pedophile AND Norv Turners lifemate? (A screenshot of Nate Kaeding's Wikipedia entry as it read today, 1.17.10, at 5:10pm PST.)


The world's simplest digital lid.

Buzzfeed Demands Turtles

I am responsible for only one of these posts, I swear.

BuzzFeed Holiday Party Highlights

The internet is a magical place, where friends are made, buzz is fed, and strangers can watch your office holiday party. And take screen shots. And post them for all to see. If you missed the Buzzfeed holiday extravaganza, fear not, my friends. Your friendly neighborhood internet stalker has it summed up for you right here. Happy December!

"I Will Make You" (Sex With Me)

Joshua Danger and Hoptocopter Films present "I Will Make You" (Sex With Me) starring Joshua Danger (as himself) and Carrington Schaeffer (as Tammie Lotionson). It's a Dangerous world out there.

Pac-Man Mutant Hugs Narwhal Thing

I'm only posting this because if it goes front page the tag words are going to be fascinating.

Um, That's A Penis On My Yearbook

This is my yearbook from 2001. It's a penis. My friend totally got away with it and it's still funny now. AMAZING.

How Old Are You Buzzfeed?

Buzzfeed as of December 2, 2006. You really have grown.

SERIOUS Backstreet Boys Fans

At this time there is an EPIC battle going on in the comments section of this Backstreet Boys video on YouTube. Just don't ask me what they are actually arguing about, or how I found it. ...Please don't ask me how I found it.

Taco Bell: Every Single Menu Item Reviewed.

This was surprising for a number of reasons: 1) People still use Angelfire--it was updated very recently. 2) I have come to the point in my life where I am googling queries as to what I should order at Taco Bell. Anyway, this should be gifted to the Smithsonian.

The Bear, The Cloud, And God

An animated cartoon that teaches you valuable lessons about a bear, a cloud, and god.

Google is More Outdoors-ey Than I Thought.

I wanted to use the mileage from NY to Sydney in an essay I'm writing, so I typed "New York, NY to Sydney, Australia" into Google Maps. It gave me directions to the west coast via conventional methods (roads). Then it told me to navigate the entirety of the Pacific Ocean by kayaking. Thank you, Google Maps.

Obama Butt Love >

I personally have not seen it but it must be good !! As evidenced > (note the lady who needs the 2 shots at once and also the man who forgot his camera but is making up for it with a good perve)

Scary Babies Trailer

Babies can be scary too. Just watch this trailer. Would you want to see this movie?

Hey There Delilah Vs. Aunt Jemima

Sometimes a YouTube parody hit can be a major boon to an Old World, flour-and-water brand name. In this case, it turns into a sexed-up, slightly racist mess, combining young white men, Aunt Jemima, and the Plain White Tee's hit "Delilah"

Internet Stars Remixed to Sing Weezer's Pork and Beans

I made this remix to show what the Pork and Beans music video would've looked like if Weezer let me pick who went in it. It's a tribute to about 10 years of Internet celebrities, memes, artists and communities.

The Consultation

Fat babies need all the help they can get

Jack Shepherd, Age 8.

I don't even care if this is photo shopped, this is still the single most glorious thing I think I have ever seen on the internet, ever.

Scarface Cat

Say hello to my furry friend, cats on the internet hater!

Ocean Habitat

Helping my kid bro on his homework. This is A grade material.

My Trek to See Buzzfeeds Peggy Wang!

I found out Buzzfeed's Peggy Wang and her band The Pain of Being Pure at Heart would be at a house party in the Silverlake district of L.A. - So I decided to leave the confines of the suburbs, and go meet Peggy. . I met Peggy and what a sweetheart! As I was leaving I saw a couple police cars making their way towards the house, and only Peggy can tell the end of this story! Perhaps next time Peggy's in town, I can take her to an Adult Video Shoot!

An EW Button!!

Dear BuzzFeed, We asked, and you answered. Its like my birthday, Halloween and Chrismakkah all in one -- you gave us an ew button. And now I'm going to use it on every post, just because I can. Love, rainbows and robots, Your biggest SF fan (after Veronica)

Viva La Vida is Every Song

[Editor's Note: Now everything sounds like Coldplay. This should save you a lot of money on iTunes - all you need is to buy the Viva La Vida single, then imagine whatever song you want to hear while it's playing.]


Just the sort of ad you would expect on Japanese TV, expect it's not on Japanese TV.


Thanks to Peggy Wang for getting us into the Pains of Being Pure at Heart show! Awesome set!

The Longest Way

From November 2007 to November 2008, this guy walked a total of 4646km through China.

Galvatron - The Musical

Possibly the best song about Galvatron shots you've ever heard. Also possibly the first you've heard about Galvatron shots, period. I bet Lumpee Lee's friends aren't pleased he called them all out by name.


I knew he would leave me.

Pirate Economics

For the random conversation contest: a brief diversion into pirate economics.

Mr. T Ate My Balls

Since Buzzfeed is turning into the internet's premier "Stuff you've already seen" portal, here's something else that you've already seen. All Your Old Links Are Belong To Us.

Snowman Army

Does it get any more awesome than this? [Editor's Note: Do not anger this vicious mob of snow people unless you have a warm place to hide.]

Billy Mays Goes Gangsta (Remixes)

Even everybody's favorite Infomercial hound isn't immune to the wild world of YouTube remixes. "Just pee in a closet with confidence!" (More on Urlesque)

Cat in a Hat

This cat is wearing a little hat to keep its adorable little ears warm. (Or possibly to hide hideously disfigured ears.)

Obama Victory Memes Flood the Web

Obama images, gifs, videos, and memes have been circulating the webopolis for months now, but a new flood of images relating to Obama's landslide victory have been thrown on the web in the past 24 hours. Post your fav's below.

Free Election Day Stuff

Free donuts, ice cream, and vibrators on Election Day--all for a simple act of civic duty.

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