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Debunking The Blackwater Boston Marathon Bombing Conspiracy Theory

There are lots of folks out there saying that the Boston Bombing was not done by the two Chechnyan born Tsarnaev brothers, but by some other nefarious plot by the government, or others, with the two brothers being framed for it. A video going around now, that at this time has over 300k+ views, depicts the conspiracy that the Blackwater (Craft) private security team had something to do with it.

David Shares 6 years ago

Watch An 18-Month Old Toddler Play With A Gorilla

In a video just released by Damian Aspinall, which took place 20 years ago, it shows Damian's then 18-month old daughter Tansy play with gorillas. The video has become a bit of a controversy due to the danger of what could have happened, but Damian released the video now in hopes to raise awareness about gorillas and for his foundation .

David Shares 7 years ago

Watch People Scream For The Camera

Photographer Billy Hunt was looking for a way to capture portraits of people in an unconventional way, to cut through the awkwardness of a normal portrait. He says “People always want to present themselves in a certain way and they make it worse” when taking photos. So to solve this issue, he thought of something to break the ice called the Scream-o-Tron 3000. The device is a karaoke boombox setup to snap a photo of each person when they yell and scream into it, which makes for some fascinating portraits.

David Shares 7 years ago

Welcome To The World’s First Wikipedia Town

In the UK, the small Welsh town of Monmouth became the very first official town in the world to be a “Wikipedia Town”, coined "Monmouthpedia."Using QR bar codes strategically placed all over town, visitors can scan them to learn more about the town's landmarks and history.

David Shares 7 years ago

Possibly The Worst Job In The World

I never want to hear that your job is hard again after seeing this. High in the Himalayan foothills, fearless Gurung men risk thier lives to harvest the massive nests of the world’s largest honeybee.

David Shares 7 years ago

Controversial African Woman Cake That When Sliced She Screams

Swedish minister of culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth attended a tax funded party for the powerful Stockholm cultural elite. At the party, they had a cake depicting a stereotypical African woman, and when the cake was sliced the African woman would scream as if she was being sliced in real life. What in the f*ck!?

David Shares 7 years ago