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Bieber's Our Generation's.......

Let's be honest, there are way better misunderstood artists we'd compare Bieber to before the outplayed Kurt Cobain. They are.....

  • 1. Bieber Zevon

    "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead...or At Least til I win a Grammy" -Justin Bieber

  • 2. Disintegration

    "I tried to laugh about it, cover it all up with lies. I tried to laugh about it, hiding the tears in my eyes. Cause Bieber's Don't Cry. Bieber's don't cry." -Justin Bieber

  • 3. GG Bieber

    "I'm the real Underground, and Usher knows it, but Usher don't want you to know about me, so Usher set the limit." -Justin Bieber

  • 4. Suedebieber

    I always thought my genitals were the result of some crude practical joke. -Justin Bieber

  • 5. Bieber Is A Miner For A Heart of Gold

    "I don't like haters. I particularly don't like the celebration of haters, which I think the administration is a little bit guilty of." -Justin Bieber

  • 6. Cut Your Hair Bieber

    "advertising looks and chops a must no big hair!! songs mean a lot when songs are bought and so are you- bitch, rant down to the practice room attention and fame so career, career, career...." -Justin Bieber

  • 7. Sonic Bieber

    "I went away to see an old friend of mine His sister came over she was out of her mind She said Jesus had a twin who knew nothing about sin She was laughing like crazy at the trouble I'm in Her light eyes were dancing she is insane Her brother says she's just a bitch with a golden chain She keeps coming closer saying "I can feel it in my bones Schizophrenia is taking me home"" -Biebs

  • 8. Ol Dirty Bieber

    "Bieber's for the children!" -Justin Bieber

  • 9. Justin Waits

    "Usher has been drinking, not me, not me"-Justin Bieber

  • 10. R. Kelly

    "Jupiter Pluton Venus and Saturn I'm leavind Earth girl to explore your galaxy Ten to zero Blast off here we go We'll be climax until we reach Mercury Girl, Tell me are you ready girl To take a trip out of this world I guarantee you'll like it It'll take your breath away Gonna get you so excited Once I've tasted your milky way Girl spend the night come take a flight with me Out into space" -Justin Bieber