What’s Something Awesome You Made When You Were A Kid?

If you’re back home for the holidays, now is the time to go rooting through the attic or the basement for that hilarious letter you wrote to your parents or that surprisingly precocious short story. Or that funny picture you drew, or that collage? YOU GET THE PICTURE. Anyway, we want to publish some of these things on BuzzFeed Rewind, the website! Here’s how to do that:

1. Step 1: Find a thing that is awesome that you made when you were a kid.

Here’s a perfect example: A Saved by the Bell book that BuzzFeeder tinylion made back in the day and posted to BuzzFeed in its entirety here.

2. Step 2: Post it to your account on BuzzFeed!

Go here and post some good pics of the awesome thing you made as a kid!

3. Step 3: Email us to let us know!

Shoot us an email at with a link to your post. We’ll collect them together at BuzzFeed’s nostalgia vertical, BuzzFeed Rewind, and maybe even publish some on the front page of so that the whole world can marvel at what a massive genius you were as a child. OK, let’s do it! Now now now! :)

4. Step 4: That’s it! Those are all the steps!

Now do the thing we just talked about! Hooray for nostalgia!

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