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The 20 Stages Of Writing A BuzzFeed List

It's not all funny GIFs and memes, y'know! (Actually it is.)

1. Start with the basics: come up with an idea.

2. Google said idea and find it's already been done.

3. Repeat x5

4. Wrack your brains for something people will identify with.

5. Finally think of something that hasn't been done already.

6. Write up all your points.

7. Search high and low for fitting GIFs/memes.

8. Laugh to yourself at how brilliant that last GIF was.

9. Get stuck for ages trying to find a really specific GIF.

10. Spend way too long perusing.

11. Shout at least three times about how much you love GIFs.

12. Agonize over which GIF/meme to use.

13. Use both.

14. Read through to check hilarity.

15. Send your baby out into the world.

16. Eagerly anticipate the comments.

17. Send out BFF vibes to the nice commenter's.

18. Get offended by the negative Nancy's.

19. Shake your head at everyone who doesn't get your jokes.

20. Then remember it's all cool because comments make the internet go round.