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'ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT' Coming Back for One More Season!!!!

"Arrested Development" creator Mitch Hurwitz announced today that the show will be coming back to television -- five years after it was cancelled. Hurwitz said the show will do a "limited" season which will show us what the characters have been up to since the show last aired ... which will then lead right into the planned movie. There is no official deal in place yet for where or when the show will air. Have a frozen banana and celebrate!

warszawski 8 years ago

How "127 Hours" Should Have Ended

I don't know about you, but I think an ending like this would have made the movie much more bearable. I can't tell if it's more, or less disturbing. #HeyBrother

warszawski 8 years ago

Parkour Cat!

Determined cat after an even more determined rat.

warszawski 8 years ago

Michael Cera is a Time Traveller!

Found in the Louvre. Proving Michael is a time traveller! “Portrait of a Man Holding a Statuette” by AGNOLO BRONZINO

warszawski 8 years ago

A New Pope

A religious ceremony in a galaxy far, far away.

warszawski 9 years ago

Flight Attendent Rap

A great start to any trip. Nice to see some going the extra mile.

warszawski 9 years ago

Love Me Tender

Proof no one was cooler in the 70's than Scandanavians

warszawski 9 years ago

More IPad

It speaks for itself

warszawski 9 years ago