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Mitt Romney's 99 Headline Problems

Mitt Romney's got 99 problems (but a bitch ain't one). But "Romney's Pesky Pooch problem" comes in at #67. ("Romney's Woman Problem" comes in at #77.) Not sure if this list of headlines says more about Mitt Romney, his campaign or the (lack of) creativity among copy editors at the nations leading news organizations.

Jed Oliver 7 years ago


Yo, Dawg! I heard you liked addictive construction games still in beta, so I put an addictive construction game still in beta in your addictive construction game still in beta so you can wait for the finished product to come out while you wait for the finished product to come out. In other news, Minecraft player Hans Lemurson has WAY too much time on his hands.

Jed Oliver 8 years ago

10 Questionable Sugar Information Vintage Ads

In the 1960s, sugar companies felt threatened by the advance of reduced-calorie artificial sweeteners. Thus the ubiquitous Sugar Information propaganda was born in ads that touted the "benefits" of consuming good old-fashioned sugar. Here's 10 of them.

Jed Oliver 8 years ago

Inequality in the US: Just How Bad is It?

It's pretty damn bad. How bad is it? PBS NewsHour did a man on the street where they showed the income distribution for a made up country, Sweden and the US. Almost everyone got it wrong. You know who got it right? Poor people. (Via)

Jed Oliver 8 years ago

Emotionally Vague

Graphic artist Orlagh O'Brien wanted to know how other people interpreted emotions like anger, joy, sadness, fear and love. So he set out asking questions and finally composed this visual culmination of the colors, words and body locations associated by those emotions as reported by 250 survey takers. The results are nothing short of fascinating. (Via)

Jed Oliver 8 years ago

Nano Origami

German paper artist Anja Markiewicz folds these incredibly tiny origami pieces using sheets of paper about the size of a postage stamp. (Via)

Jed Oliver 8 years ago

Jon Counts To 100,000

Now you can't tell me that there's nothing good on YouTube. Some guy on the Internet named 'Jon' (who looks suspiciously like a bearded Kevin from The Office) went and counted to 100,000 and then posted all 78 hours of it on YouTube. It's all quite dramatic - he shaves and changes outfits every so often, thought it does slow down around 27,457 ... but it picks right back up around 62,183. Of course, if you don't have 3.25 days of your life to watch him count to 100K, there's always the 3 minute highlight reel, but what fun is that?

Jed Oliver 8 years ago

Tips For Tipping [Infographic]

A set of guidelines on how much to tip in just about any situation. Here's a fun fact: Tipping dates back to the 18th century when an urn would be placed in English pubs with a sign that read, “To Insure Promptitude” which was later shortened to the acronym T.I.P. or “tip." True story.

Jed Oliver 8 years ago

I Am Maru

Fresh from Japan comes the English version of the biography of one of the most famous cats on the Internet, Maru. Entitled i am maru, this look at the mischievous Scottish Fold cat is authored by his owner, mugumogo and is published by Harper-Collins.

Jed Oliver 8 years ago

How Hubble Space Telescope Images Are Made

Apparently Hubble's camera isn't a point and shoot. Each image is composed of several photos which are compiled and modified with image editing software. This video shows how it's done. I don't know about you but knowing how heavily Photoshopped each image is kind of loses a bit of the magic for me.

Jed Oliver 8 years ago

Woman Facing Jail Time For Front Yard Veggie Garden

From WJBK (Michigan's News Leader): "A Michigan woman is looking at the prospect of 93 days in jail because she planted vegetables in planters in her front yard and refused to abide by the town elders' interpretation of the planning code." Way to set those priorities, Oak Park, MI.

Jed Oliver 8 years ago

Hey Guys

Silly Val Kilmer - how can you be both bloated and a shell of your former self?

Jed Oliver 8 years ago

Charming Hagfish Comic

Also known as a slime eel, this rather cute comic describes what is arguably the most disgusting creature on Earth. It's gross and sickening nature is perhaps second only to my college roommate in terms of inherent grodyness.

Jed Oliver 8 years ago

Manly Doilies

For his day job, Nathan Vincent works for a market research company. At night he comes home and sits crouched obsessively over his hook and yarn. All those hours spent crocheting granny squares as a kid shows itself in his collection of manly doilies. (Via)

Jed Oliver 8 years ago

Vintage Videophone Ad

No, this isn't one of those Retro Ads for modern websites. This look at a 1968 version of Skype is an actual ad for a Western Electric Picture phone. Ah, what might have been.

Jed Oliver 8 years ago