Mitt Romney's 99 Headline Problems

Mitt Romney's got 99 problems (but a bitch ain't one). But "Romney's Pesky Pooch problem" comes in at #67. ("Romney's Woman Problem" comes in at #77.) Not sure if this list of headlines says more about Mitt Romney, his campaign or the (lack of) creativity among copy editors at the nations leading news organizations.

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Eric Randall at Boston Magazine couldn't help but notice that the "Politician's [something] problem" was a fairly easy headline to write and that Mitt Romney seemed to be getting more than his fair share. So in a nod to Jay Z he listed 99 of Mitt Romney's problem headlines.

There's several overarching themes to Mitt's Headline Problem:


1. “Mitt Romney’s 47 percent Problem” – The New Yorker

2. “Romney’s Real 47 Percent Problem” – The Grio

3. “Romney’s 15 Percent Problem” – The Atlantic

Guilt By Association

5. “Romney’s Rush Problem” - Yahoo News

9. “Denial About Mitt Romney’s Bush Problem” - Slate

10. “Mitt Romney’s Trump Problem” - The Daily Beast

11. “Romney’s Palin Problem” - The Daily Beast

12. “Romney’s Santorum Problem” - The Economist

40. “Mitt Romney’s Koch Problem” - The Huffington Post

47. “Romney’s Harry Reid Problem” – The Washington Post


20. “Mitt Romney’s Ohio Problem” - ABC

23. “Mitt Romney’s Michigan Problem” - Newsweek

25. “Mitt Romney’s Southern Problem” – National Journal

32. “Mitt Romney’s Afghanistan Problem” - The Atlantic

33. “Romney’s China Problem” - Politico

34. “Mitt Romney’s Russia Problem” - Forbes


26. “Mitt Romney’s Big White Problem” - News One

27. “Mitt Romney’s African-American Problem” - BET

28. “Mitt Romney’s Latino Problem” - The Washington Post

77. “Romney’s Woman Problem” – Time

78. “Romney’s Fake Woman Problem” – The Economist


38. “Mitt Romney’s Tax Return Problem” – The Washington Post

48. “Mitt Romney’s Bain Problem” - The Washington Post

51. “Mitt Romney’s ‘rich guy’ problem” – The Washington Post

65. “Romney’s Cadillac Problem” – Fox News


66. “Romney’s Rafalca Problem” – Mother Jones

67. “Romney’s Pesky Pooch Problem” – Bloomberg Businessweek

68. “Mitt Romney’s Seamus problem” – Chicago Reader


71. “Romney’s Mormon Problem” – Los Angeles Times

74. “Romney’s Kosher Problem” – The New Yorker

75. “Mitt Romney’s Evangelical Problem” – The New Yorker

Et Cetera

63. “Mitt Romney’s ‘Etch-a-Sketch’ Problem” – Chicago Sun Times

80. “Romney’s Weasel Problem” – The New York Times

81. “Mitt Romney’s Big Drug Problem” –

98. “Mitt Romney’s Baked Goods Problem” - Slate

And last but not least...

Mitt Romney has a Mitt Romney Problem

56. “Mitt Romney has a personal problem” – The Washington Post

57. “Mitt Romney’s Empathy Problem” – The New Yorker

58. “Mitt Romney’s Likeability Problem” – Alaska Dispatch

59. “Romney’s relatability problem …” – Los Angeles Times

60. “Romney’s Commander-in-Chief Problem” – Political Wire

82. “Romney’s Authenticity Problem” – National Journal

83. “Mitt Romney’s Character Problem” – The American Prospect

95. “Romney’s Image Problem” – The Wall Street Journal

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