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Meet Waffles, The Tortoise Of Your Dreams

Sulcata tortoise by day, super hero by night. Waffles is saving the world, one adorable moment at a time.

Megan McCormick 6 years ago

19 Tortoises Explaining Monsanto's Unpopularity

Tortoises calmly telling you about the world's most controversial agricultural giant.

Kevin Tang 6 years ago

This Is The Best Turtle Sweater You'll Ever See

All hail Jennifer Olivarez, the brilliant mind behind the Squirrel Picnic blog, for making every turtle's secret wish come true: to be King Koopa.

turtlefeed 6 years ago

20 Turtles Celebrate World Turtle Day

Happy World Turtle Day!!

Chelsea Marshall 6 years ago

Pro Tips On Moving Gigantic Turtles

Turtles in an aquarium can weigh nearly 600 pounds. See how they are safely moved up and down four stories when exhibits change.

thejives 6 years ago

52 Ways To Save Sea Turtles

East Coast marine animal rescue teams just released 52 endangered sea turtles off the coast of Florida after a non-stop 24-hour road trip from New England.

emoparker 6 years ago

Yu The Loggerhead Turtle Gets Artificial Flippers

After 27 previously failed attempts this vest flipper combo proved to be the winner!

cmerry 6 years ago

Remember The Turtle At The Bottom Of The Stack

Advice about friendship, in verse, presented by turtles and tortoises.

turtlefeed 6 years ago

An Important Message For Unhappy Singles On Valentine's Day

Courtesy of turtles and tortoises, who would like to remind you that they've been in your shoes too.

turtlefeed 6 years ago

20 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Turtles And Tortoises

Turtles and tortoises know what's up, you guys. They really do.

turtlefeed 6 years ago

Turtle Escapes After 70 Years

Willie is on the loose in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. "He just got out somehow."

Ben Smith 6 years ago

Curious Turtle Befriends Commercial Diver

Hey buddy, whatcha doin' with those pipes? Can I help?

Donna Dickens 6 years ago

Meet Audrey: A Special Turtle's Story

Audrey spent the first 20 years of her life living in a bucket. Today she's the spokes-turtle for LittleResQ, a turtle rehabilitation and rescue organization located out of Toronto.

turtlefeed 6 years ago

A Revised Ode To Turtlenecks

This ode to turtlenecks was great! But it was missing something very important: actual turtle necks.

turtlefeed 6 years ago

Understanding The Difference Between A Softshell Turtle And A Pancake

I know, I know. It's embarrassing to not be able to tell the difference between a Gulf Coast spiny softshell turtle and a chocolate chip pancake. But even the best herpetologists have problems with this.

turtlefeed 6 years ago

Science To Turtles: "You're Built Backwards!"

Why? Because turtles can breathe through their butts and pee from their mouths. Thanks for letting us know this important and world-shattering news, scientists!

turtlefeed 7 years ago

This Turtle Is Crying Because He's Happy

This enormous (and yet, underweight) leatherback sea turtle got stranded in the right place at the right time. Rescued by IFAW and Mass. Audubon, rehabbed and released by the New England Aquarium, he's now on the move with a new lease on life. This could be only the third time in history for a successful leatherback sea turtle rescue and release! Here's how it went down:

emoparker 7 years ago

Nickelodeon Scraps TMNT "Cowabunga" Catchphrase

You won't believe what they're replacing it with.

Donna Dickens 7 years ago

Meet Turtle Pals Casey And Shelly!

They love each other and hate everything else. Probably not, but it's fun to personify animals!

Donna Dickens 7 years ago

The Cutest Marriage Proposal Facilitated By A Turtle

Turtle Talk is a Disney theme park attraction that lets the audience interact with Crush, the sea turtle from Finding Nemo. Normally things are pretty tame, but this time Crush was in on a surprise.

turtlefeed 7 years ago