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    Posted on Jul 2, 2013

    Meet Waffles, The Tortoise Of Your Dreams

    Sulcata tortoise by day, super hero by night. Waffles is saving the world, one adorable moment at a time.

    Waffles is proud to be Canadian.

    In his off-time he enjoys fighting crime and saving the innocent from evil.

    Oh, and he's serious about his hygiene.

    Also? Waffles is really into his art. Yeah, that's paint he got on him accidentally. Such an artist!

    He LOVES dandelions.

    And thinks they're the best breakfast ever.

    But he's not afraid to get adventurous with his diet.

    Waffles also enjoys being in the great outdoors.

    Especially when he gets to hang out with his friends. This is Molly.

    And this is Moe.

    (Moe makes a great fuzzy playground for Waffles to climb on.)

    And this is his friend Beans.

    Waffles isn't afraid to get in touch with his geeky side.

    And he's not ashamed to show off what a savvy businessman he is.

    But mostly Waffles loves to try on new clothes his mom knits him.

    And he's happy to be his artist mom's muse.

    Because really, when you get to have so many adventures...

    and meet so many new friends...

    ....what more could a little guy want?

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