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Pro Tips On Moving Gigantic Turtles

Turtles in an aquarium can weigh nearly 600 pounds. See how they are safely moved up and down four stories when exhibits change.

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There are some big turtles in Boston's aquarium.

This one is a green sea turtle named Myrtle. She weighs in at between 530 to 560 pounds. Like all the turtles at the Aquarium she wouldn't survive in the wild. She has been in aquariums for so long (decades longer than the current aquarium in Boston existed) it is unlikely she would know how to forage. Some of the other turtles were rescued and have severe injuries (eyesight loss) that would make it tough to hunt for food.

The aquarium is renovating the center exhibit, so the turtles need to be moved around.

Looks like the entire center exhibit is getting an overhaul. Before they drained the water they had to move the turtles. And then they moved them back after it was filled again.

How do you coax a 560 pound turtle into a box? Check out the video.

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Best part is riding an elevator with a massive sea turtle.


Pretty much the same deal going back, but look at them zoom around their new home!

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Love that last shot.

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