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    This Is The Best Turtle Sweater You'll Ever See

    All hail Jennifer Olivarez, the brilliant mind behind the Squirrel Picnic blog, for making every turtle's secret wish come true: to be King Koopa.

    Remember THIS dude and his awesome spiky shell?

    I mean, who doesn't? He's King Koopa, AKA Bowser, the main antagonist of the Super Mario Brothers Nintendo franchise. He's one badass turtle. It's no surprise that all the turtles I know want to be just like him.

    And here's every turtle's chance to live out its dreams. Check out this Koopa-inspired turtle sweater:

    Beautiful, isn't it? I can't look at it and not weep for joy. And if you happen to own a nerdy turtle who wants a sweater of his or her very own, the creator very kindly posted step by step instructions detailing how to make one yourself.

    Now for the best part. Myrtle the model:

    Looking fierce, Myrtle.


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