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He's always making noise.

Liz R. 7 years ago

Actual Minimalism

Hey, no worries: These pieces weren't made by art students trying to be witty and original. [Ed. note: It's about time we had a graphic design minimalism backlash!]

Liz R. 9 years ago

Puns Labyrinth

Because I think we're all sick of Inception parodies. Oh you're into those? Suture self.

Liz R. 9 years ago

Nic Cage Did Mushrooms With His Cat

What a crazy guy! Nic Cage was a rebellious teenager with no (human) friends to do mushrooms with, which is kind of sad.

Liz R. 9 years ago

Overheard Drawings

Every day, artist Mark Addison Smith draws a picture from statements he's overheard. Check out his blog daily for weird, cute drawings.

Liz R. 9 years ago

Korea is Best

Korea is the best country. They hate the homeless sexual there.

Liz R. 9 years ago