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14 Thoughts I Have As A BuzzFeed Community Contributer

Because I still don't understand how Social Lift works.

1. "I should refresh my Dashboard again."

2. "I should refresh my Dashboard again."

3. "I forgot to click the 'Suggest for community feature' box before Publishing."

4. "Is that.....a FAIL REACTION??????!"

5. "NONE of these GIFs are good enough."

6. "None of this is funny."

7. "I need to figure out how to make money off of this."

8. "Who needs a relationship when I have all these views?"

9. "I wish I worked at BuzzFeed."

10. While Googling the title of the list to see if somebody's already made it.

11. When Google says that nobody's made this list yet.

12. "What if I'm the only person who can relate to this list?"

13. "Don't....Read.....The.......Comments..."

14. "I read the comments."