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14 Movies Made Better With Pie

Because everything is better with pie. Happy Pi Day!

1. Piehood

IFC Productions

12 years of pie.

2. Pie and Prejudice

Focus Features

3. Pie Day the 14th

Paramount Pictures

4. The Hungry Games


Who wouldn't want pie in the arena?

5. Pie at Tiffany's

Paramount Pictures

6. Jurassic Pie

Universal Pictures

7. Pie-vergent

Summit Entertainment

I'm picking whichever faction comes with pie.

8. Life of Pie

Fox 2000 Pictures

Much better.

9. The Pie Father

Paramount Pictures

10. B for Banana (Creme Pie)

Warner Bros.

Remember, remember the creme of banana, there's no better dessert than pie.

11. Pie-rates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Key Lime

Walt Disney Pictures

12. The Princess Pie

Act III Communications

Twue Wuv!

13. Fifty Slices of Pie

Focus Features

14. Pie Club

Fox 2000 Pictures
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