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Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race Fail

OK, it's not so much of a fail as it is a "owning that hill" type of moment. Every Easter, hundreds of crazy adults [and a few brave kids] risk everything all for the sake of riding a piece of cheap plastic with wheels down one of San Francisco's most crooked streets and it's AMAZING. The regular footage of the race is hilarious enough but check out this crazy asshole that decided to go down the wrong hill with the wrong type of big wheel that we happened to catch on camera.

ELROD • 7 years ago

Flaming Hot Cheeto Encrusted Buffalo Wings

You guys. I just revolutionized the flaming hot cheeto consumption process! I patiently await my Nobel Prize NOMination.

ELROD • 7 years ago

Ninja Nose, in Technicolor

After seeing the post about the greatest Tumblr of all time, we had to see it in color for full effect.

ELROD • 7 years ago
ELROD • 7 years ago

Pass the Ketchup

This counts, right? And you know what? I don't care how OLD it is because when I think of cute food, this is the first thing that pops into my head. This is the cutest damn entree I will ever crave.

ELROD • 9 years ago