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The Bibbidi Bobidi Boutique Experience

This is a video of my 3-year-old's visit to the Bibidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disneyland. As her Christmas gift, she got the full Princess make-over. This video captures the whole experience from beginning to end.

Dino Ignacio 4 years ago

Bert And Mitt Are Evil!

Evil Bert's plans to crush PBS and Sesame Street have been revealed in last night's debate.

Dino Ignacio 7 years ago

Techno Viking Action Figure

I wouldn't mess with this toy. Accurate down to his choice of socks. Does it come with a bottle of water as well?

Dino Ignacio 7 years ago

Hipster Shore Halloween

Kids get more than they ask for when stopping by the hipsters' house on Halloween.

Dino Ignacio 8 years ago

Crazy Elf On The Overpass

On the way back to SF on our work shuttle, our exit was blocked by what seemed to be an elf.

Dino Ignacio 8 years ago