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Malia Obama

As Malia Steps Out, The Obamas Step Back

For the past eight years, the Obamas pushed hard to maintain their eldest daughter’s privacy. Here's how that’s changing now that Malia is an adult and making her own rules.


The First Daughters: Then And Now

Sasha and Malia Obama have grown up since their father's first inauguration.

How Agence France-Presse Ruined Malia Obama's Vacation

There's a long tradition of keeping presidents' kids out of the press, but the newswire reported today on details of Obama's elder daughter's travel in Mexico. The story was quickly removed from websites across the Internet, but you can't unring that bell.

Obama on "60 Minutes"

Barack and Michelle participate in their first post-election interview on 60 Minutes tonight.


Malia and Sasha Obama

Meet the new First Daughters.

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