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13 Reasons Malia Obama Needs To Attend An HBCU

Make a rule, do it at a black school. (h/t: National Journal)

Malia has spent the early part of her senior year touring a few Ivy League schools in preparation for her college matriculation.

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But we think she absolutely needs to consider an HBCU for the following reasons:

1. Because hello? Black people.

Going to an HBCU means you are unable to escape your heritage and will ultimately be inspired by it. This is particularly impactful if you've previously attended a PWI (predominantly white institution). Growing up in the public eye couldn't have been easy. Being at a school with classmates that look like her should make it easier for her to have a "normal" college experience. Minus the secret service detail.

2. Because she'll instantly become part of a long and rich tradition in black culture.

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And by making the choice to attend one, you immediately become a part of that history and that legacy is hard to ignore. As the first child of any President (sitting or otherwise) to attend an HBCU, she is as an influential role model for future generations to come.

3. Because everyone needs to experience the Battle of the Bands.

Have you seen Drumline? Not only was it filmed on HBCU campuses (Clark Atlanta University and Morris Brown ) but band IS that serious at these schools. We don’t mess around when it comes to our music.

4. Because football season is the stuff of legend.

We do it better than anyone and it’s more than just a game — homecoming is its own way of life. #ibetyouwontgetcrunk

5. Because the professors give a broader context.

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The curriculum as well as the faculty is dedicated to providing a comprehensive learning environment that takes into account diverse perspectives and histories.

6. Because School Daze wasn't just a movie.

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Spike Lee's iconic film set the tone for HBCU's to be in the forefront and gave us all our first look into life on a black college campus. Clearly attending Morehouse College had a profound impact on the director.

7. Because alumni roll deep AF.

And not just at homecoming. The network graduates have access to includes heads of state, doctors, lawyers, athletes, actors and the occasional musical artists. You don't even have to have graduated the same year or the same school. Being an HBCU alumni is like religion. We rep our schools with pride.

8. Because there is diversity within community.

Students of all ethnicities and backgrounds attend HCBUs, so she'll get a global perspective alongside being part of a young black community.

9. Because enrollment will sky-rocket.! / Via Pinterest

After the show's first season aired enrollment in HBCUs sky-rocketed as young black kids everywhere daydreamed about what their college experience was going to be like. No doubt, Malia will do for HBCUs in this millenium what A Different World did in the 1990s.

10. Because Black Greek life is a serious matter.

Sure PWI’s have fraternities and sororities that are historically Black but Greek life on an HBCU campus is a game changer. From the impromptu shows on the yard between fraternities and sororities to the official shows held throughout the year you can’t help but want to join. The lifetime relationships that are created during the process are priceless.

11. Because there will be an innate level of comfort.

When you attend an HBCU there is an instant feeling of familiarity, you might not have grown up in the same neighborhoods or even states with your classmates, but you're guaranteed to have shared similar experiences.

12. Because there are so many to choose from.

The majority of HBCU’s are spread along the East Coast and throughout the South so chances are prospective students will have to pack up and move. It will be worth it. No parents. Need I say more?

13. Because she'll inspire young black girls everywhere to think about their continuing education.

The more girls see women who look like them making strides in the world the more inspired they'll be to follow in their footsteps. HBCUs instill a sense of confidence in their students and that translates into everything they do pre and post-matriculation.


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