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    Barack Obama Spilled The Beans On How Sasha And Malia Help Curate His Playlists

    "I'm constantly listening to their music."

    Former US president Barack Obama loves making playlists of his favorite music. He even made one recently for the release of his memoir A Promised Landyou can check it out here.

    The guy's got good taste. But in a recent interview with Peter Hamby for Good Luck America, Obama revealed that he sometimes has some curatorial help, too.

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    Although the recent playlist for his book was all his picks, it turns out that Barack's been handing Sasha and Malia the aux cord when it comes to his end-of-the-year playlists.

    Sasha (L) and Malia (R), daughters of former US president Barack Obama, visit Tirtha Empul temple at Tampaksiring Village in Gianyar on the Indonesian resort island of Bali on June 27, 2017

    "My year-end playlist, those are the fresh cuts," he stated. "And there, I will confess that I do consult with Malia and Sasha throughout the year."

    Barack Obama

    He continued, "I'm constantly listening to their music. Sometimes by request and sometimes just because that's what's blaring in the house."

    Former US President Barack Obama speaks at a drive-in rally as he campaigns for Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden in Miami, Florida on November 2, 2020

    But Sasha and Malia aren't willing to give Dad all of their hot tips; he was quick to note that Sasha keeps a private SoundCloud with her own favorite tunes.

    "Sasha's more protective of her music. There's certain things on SoundCloud — she has, like, a private playlist. She won't share all of it with me because she's not sure I'm hip enough to handle it."

    Is he hip enough to handle it? According to the former prez, it's not even a question: "Nah, man, I'm keepin' up, for an old guy," he claimed.

    Fair enough — but the next time Obama drops a new playlist, we'll have no choice but to question who's really supplying the fire.